Uli Honek must have been particularly pleased with a message on July 2, 2021.

Because on that day Tony Cruise announced his retirement from the national team, thus vacating his place in the DFP team, which, according to Honey, he is no longer eligible due to the way he played.

Despite all the praise (“I like Tony Cruise so much, he showed world-class performances”) Uli Honeyk E.M. SPORT1 He added: “There is no place for Tony Cruise in this football.”

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A statement about a star who has been polarized for many years by his sporting style, but it is still considered world class and wants to continue to prove this at Real Madrid.

Cruise No “Cross Boss Tony”

Honeyk, who had already stopped the young star’s “cheers” in 2007, said he had not seen “any player who played this kind of football” at the European Championships – the European Championship final, although Jorge Ho was at least similarly strategically inclined in Italy.

Honeyk, a supporter of the film “Querbos-Tony” in Germany, said, “Cross-played, cross-played, cross-played.”

Always cross? After the preliminary round, the data service provider was listed Choose Players with more than the last three passes of the attack. At the top of the list was a particular Tony Cruise with 66 such attempts – a long way from second-place Dutchman Daly Blind.

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“Uli H. can’t like it,” Cruz wrote of related data.

Cruz dominates La Liga

The Real-Star is probably not the type Honique wants, and he runs “at full speed over the ball”, but statistics suggest that, contrary to the presumption of Bavaria’s president, he can play vertical games.

Last season in La Liga, Cruz scored the third most goals, only Iago Aspas (Zelda Vigo) excelling in assisting a game. In “key pass”, that is, the passes towards a team’s goal, the cruise in the first place (2.4 per game) was loud whoscored.com Better than Lionel Messi.

Even with long balls that are hard to play across a few meters, Cruz was in the top 15 of all players in the Spanish league – remember, he is the only field player.

In the Champions League, the player took the top 20 in decisive games, with long balls no longer being attacked by outfielders.

The cruise is well above the center line

It is also true that Cruz was not able to fully develop these values ​​at the European Championships.

Before the finals all players had an average of only 1.3 “key passes” per game at 53, but only five goalkeepers per game for longer balls were better than Long-Boss Tony.

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Honeck, who accused the midfielder of being too high on salary demands in 2014, later regretted his departure, worried that Cruz would appear in the German 16 round against England.

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“In the last quarter of an hour, we’m 0: 1, he’s not even above the center line. He’s always played around this center circle,” said the former Bayern manager: “But I have to risk something, I have to play one, me. That’s the problem. “

By the way, Cruz crosses the center line more than ten times in the final stage. Sometimes the 31-year-old German spent several minutes in the English half of the play. He ran short balls, long balls, and even a few meters with the ball.

However, this time he was not beaten by an Englishman.


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