Dresden. Dynamo Dresden has made a good start to the new football year. In the first match of 2022, the black and yellow hamburger drew 1-1 (0-1) against SV. Robert Gladsel, in the presence of the favorite guests in the second division fight (37th), equalized in front of 1000 spectators with the ninth goal of the season (61st) by goalkeeper Christoph Dufferner. Like the first half of the season (1-1), Dresden was able to equalize the early HSV presence.


Press more and hit the ball start

SGD head coach Alexander Schmidt made two changes to his starting line-up, compared to an undeniable 0: 3 defeat in the final game of the year against fellow promoters FC Ingolstadt. On Friday evening, Robin Becker (bank) and Maurice Schrட்டர்ter (infection) were replaced by Julius Gate and new contract Vaclav Trussall on the newly laid out lawn of Rudolph Harpic Stadium. Oliver Batista-Meyer, second winter contract, was initially on the bench.

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SG Dynamo Dresden and Hamburger share SV points: 1-1 in front of 1000 spectators at Rudolf Harpic Stadium.


The dynamo got off to a good start, consistently being on the heels of guests from the Lower Elbe and restraining them on their own half, especially in the early minutes. After Jonas Mayford lost the ball, captain Yannick Stark got his first chance to score for the SGD (4th), but goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandez had no problem with a central shot from 20 meters.

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After 15 minutes, the HSV appeared for the first time in a half-dangerous manner, but Kevin Brol saved Kinsombie’s cross for a corner. It soon became the prey’s and Brandon Borello tried it against Heuer Fernandez, who was still well advanced from 70 meters, but the Hamburg keeper intercepted the ball on the edge of the penalty area (16 ‘). Even then, the SGD knew how to put too much pressure and enjoy some attacking ball wins.

The more effort, the smaller the return

In the 30th minute, Kate attempted a cheek shot into the goalkeeper’s corner, but Heuer Fernandez came back there. Even though HSV started the game a little better, the score of 6: 0 from the first half hour for the hosts says a lot about the course of the game so far. When Brandon Borello fouled Alito and blocked the HSV counterattack, he was shown a yellow card (31st). Shortly afterwards, Australian Christophe Dauferner headed in the ball and the ball bounced off the post (35 ‘).

The SGD continued to play forward, but then it rained cold. The hamburgers blocked a Konichstorfer’s embarrassing shot after a free kick and launched a flawless counterattack. Kittel drove the ball forward and crossed over to Julius Gate, who, along with Chris Lowe, saved the Dresner who moved the field. Eventually Robert Gladsel chipped the ball over Kevin Browl. Kevin Ehlers ran 80 meters behind, but was too late.

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(1) Kevin Browl: The goalkeeper was able to play after escaping a neck problem. He started confidently, playing the upcoming HSV strikers twice in the cold, but playing in a somewhat dangerous manner. He had to win against David Kinsombi in the 16th minute and he made a superb save against Sony Kittel (42 ‘). When Robert Gladzell scored (37 ‘) he did not have a chance to defend himself. He was challenged again when Gladsel (54 ‘) fired again after the break. He took a shot from Sony Kittle well out of the corner and grabbed the point. Grade 2.5


HSV’s first shot came towards the goal (37 ‘) and turned the game upside down. It did not leave the hosts. Luckily for them, Kevin Browl had a good chance to score the kitty goal with a poor cross pass from Chris Lowe (42 ‘). We went into the break with a 0: 1 lead to the Hanseatic League. This is not the first time the dynamo have put in more effort in one half without even rewarding themselves.

Defensive challenge in the end

After turning the pages, HSV took the lead and brought the match under control, with Glatzel scoring a wide shot to the left (49th). The dynamo seemed to have lost the game plan, the permanent pressure on the ball was gone and there were no promising goal area shots at the start. Paradoxically, at this weak point, black and yellow are equal. Königsdörffer put the summer light on with a good pass, he found a free Christoph Dauferner in the second post, who had no trouble advancing 1-1 (61 ‘).

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Roll: Voices of the game

Alexander Schmidt (Coach SG Dynamo Dresden): “I told the team in a circle: very respectful, you threw everything, you gave everything, you showed interest and heart! You could say some spectators were sparked.”


After that, the dynamo suddenly won. Ransford Königsdörffer had good chances on his feet twice despite the tough angle, but twice found his champion at Heuer Fernandez (69th / 72nd). In between, the first two changes were made to the dynamo: Brandon Borello and Vaughan Trர்ச்சschall called it after a decent introduction, and they replaced Paul Will and Oliver Batista-Meyer, who appeared in black and yellow jerseys. , Two former Bayern players.

Hamburger SV lurked for counterattacks, but after the first round experience the dynamo did not allow it so easily. In the 82nd minute, Dresden made the next change: Schmidt brought in Morsell for Konickstorfer. But the SGD now needed mainly defensive. Prol saved Kittal’s long-range shot (82 ‘), which went just above the header box of substitute Bakery Jatta (84’). But the final attack of the North Germans failed. In overtime, Giorpolitz came to the fort, and then it was over. The dynamo in the fight against expulsion is more than just getting this point.


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