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Sports shooter Tobias Meyer slipped after a strong start

Sports shooter Tobias Meyer slipped after a strong start

Lower Franconian sports shooter Tobias Meyer skipped the Paralympic final, known as the Free Pistol, on Friday night to Friday, but finished in the top ten in 34 starters in Tokyo. For the ambitious rimmer, however, it was a little comforting in the initial reaction. The mayor was initially in the lead after a strong start at 2:30 a.m. Central European time. But adverse weather bothered him.

After the second match in Tokyo, after his second match as a business expert, I often waited for the wind to blow or take a break. That spending time, then there is no end to him. As a result, the results are no longer well behind in pressure. So the 23-year-old still slipped; In the end, the mayor took a total of 529 rings and did not have four rings to come in the top 8.

Indian double win

Even the best preliminary round shooter was ten rings away. “It’s bitter that it’s not enough,” said the competing athlete. In the free handgun, outdoor targets are within 50 meters. India got a double win in the final. Sixth best European is Chivko Babas from Serbia.

On Tuesday, the mayor missed the final with an air pistol, shot to the left by a stroke on his right arm. Nevertheless, there were plenty of reasons to be happy with the German team the next day. Natasha Hildrop has won the first gold medal for air rifle shooters in Athens since 2004.

“If you hadn’t shot yourself that day, you could not go out of bounds. We cheered as we followed the final on live ticker. When Natasha came back from the shooting range, we got her right,” said the mayor: “Surely you have no chance of a big celebration here?” And you don’t have time. It’s probably coming home to you. “

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On Monday, the flight from Tokyo will return to Germany with the mayor and the city and the warmth of the people inspired by the atmosphere at the Olympics there. Even if the finals are missed, the Rimberr need not worry; After all, he’s still too young to be a scorer, and to qualify for the Paralympics, he only won in Peru in June, which was a huge win for him. Mayor is the only shooter on the German team ?? And the only athlete from the region to participate in the Paralympics. The next big summer games are already in Paris in three years.

Tobios Meyer made a compromise decision at the Games in Tokyo a short distance away: “I definitely made a good match design. I will try to keep it for the future. I will definitely take a lot of wonderful experiences with me. At the Paralympics,” he looked back.


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