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Feedback from Neuer, Muller & Company

Feedback from Neuer, Muller & Company

What a big fuss after Bayern Munich won 3-2 in Wolfsburg!

Head coach Hanse Flick announced shortly after the match that he wanted to leave the summer record champion.

After the match, he said, “I informed the team that I informed the club during the week that I want to get out of my contract at the end of the season.” sky-microphone. There has been no reaction from Bayern so far.


Some players have already talked about the possible departure of their head coach in the summer.

Sports 1 Summarizes reactions to the hammer.

Thomas Muller: “He did not justify that. He left a lot of energy in a very difficult year and a half. To become a coach at Bayern Munich you basically need thick skin. You are asked a lot, you always have to stand in front of the team. It was a tough time.”

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Manuel Neuer: “The reasons are not important to us in the first place. It was an emotional story for all of us. We have to deal with that as a team first. We had such a successful and wonderful time together. He was very important to us. He tells us personally before he tells the audience. This is a sign of it.” Our relationship is very good. “

David Alaba Commented briefly on Instagram. “Big steps together. Final steps together. Fight to the end, Coach!” The Austrian wrote in a post on the platform.

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Christian Streich (Coach SC Freiburg): “It’s impressive what he achieved at Bayern Munich. He surprised quite a few people who didn’t believe him like that. He’s a great coach, and we’ll see what he will do in the future. Every team and every team the federation can consider themselves lucky if they get Hansi as a coach.” .

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Rudi Fuller (Managing Director Sport Bayer Leverkusen): “The timing today was definitely a bit of a surprise, maybe I don’t make that clear in a post-season conversation. But this is a personal matter. I don’t know more about what happens in public. That is why I prefer staying outside. Than. They would sort that out with Bayern Munich. Anyone.” He thinks they can after the Hansi Flick procedure today (National Coach, Editor’s Note) Not now, that’s of course a very brave decision, as my gut feeling says. “

Steffen Baumgart (Traner SC Paderborn, im ZDF): “He had to decide if the time was right. He made the decision, and he told his team in advance. I think that’s very important. Everyone now knows he wants to leave Bayern Munich. We’ll see everything change. Whether Flick will be a good fit for the national coach – that’s it.” The question we cannot answer. We will see if it will be. I think the way he does it is correct. He says: I have not had any discussions, I am with everything open. Now he may have allowed him to sink in the meantime. The last few weeks have been difficult. Everyone. So I think it is okay for him to set the pace for this decision and not allow himself to dictate. “

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