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Free-TV-Premiere Second: “Angel Has Fallen” is the third installment in the series of action movies that began in 2013 with “Olympus Has Fallen”.

After “Olympus Has Fallen” and “London Has Fallen” (2016), Britain’s Gerard Butler is taking on the role of Secret Service Agent Mike Ponting for the third time. In terms of content, “Angel Has Fallen” joins its two predecessors. However, there were staff changes that did not deviate from the entertaining aspect of the fast action movie. Piper Perabo replaces Radha Mitchell as Paning’s wife, Leah. Aaron Accord and US President Benjamin Asher must resign.

Mike Bonning (Gerard Butler) twice saved the life of an American president. The Secret Service agent is now considering moving to the back office so he is not at the forefront. But on a fishing trip, the new US President Alan Trump (Morgan Freeman) is assassinated. In this role, the acting in the first two films is senior. He has now completed his political entry. First he was the Speaker of the House of Representatives, then the Deputy Speaker, and now he is the President of the State.

The president, who was seriously injured in the attack, survived. However, the entire security team was destroyed and only his most loyal bodyguard escaped the attack.

This prohibits the primary suspect. As more and more fake evidence emerges, so does the Secret Service. He does everything to expose the masterminds of the conspiracy and save the president. The film runs for a second time tonight at 10.15pm in the setting of Monday Cinema.

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