Renowned American biologist Edward Osborne Wilson dies
The well-known American biologist Edward Osborne Wilson has died.  Edward O. Wilson (file photo): biologist and co-author of the book "ants", winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction Writing, is dead.  (Source: dpa/AP)

Edward O. Wilson (archive photo): Biologist and co-author of “Ants,” winner of the Pulitzer Prize for non-fiction books, has passed away. (Source: AP / dpa)

He was known as the “Darwin of Modernity”: biologist Edward Osborne Wilson died at the age of 92. The scientific discipline also owes its name.

Well-known American biologist and evolutionary researcher Edward O. on Monday. Wilson initially made a name for himself as an ant researcher, but also studied the social behavior of birds, mammals, and humans.

The old professor at Elite University Harvard He gave his name to a scientific discipline in 1975 with his work “Sozialbiologie”. His thesis in the final chapter that human behavior is largely genetically determined has been controversial.

In subsequent years, Wilson turned more and more to environmental protection and warned against humans’ destruction of biodiversity. The biologist has written hundreds of specialized articles and more than 30 books in the course of his scientific career. In two books – “Biologie als Schicksal” and “Die Anmeisen” – he was awarded the prestigious award Pulitzer Prize excellent.

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