Football 2021: Penalty kick in the semi-finals England vs Denmark - says Kasper Hjolmand

Denmark coach Kasper Hjolmand has openly criticized the penalty decision at the European Championship on Wednesday in London. “We are very disappointed, and it is difficult for me to talk about it,” the 49-year-old said after the 1:2 minute after extra time against England in the semi-finals of the European Football Championship, perhaps I will be able to say it better in a matter of time. a few days.

“That it would be decided this way – I’ve read the international press – it was a penalty that shouldn’t have been awarded, and it bothers me. We are very disappointed.”

England’s Raheem Sterling fell in the penalty area in the first half of extra time. Referee Danny McKelle saw a foul by Joakim Maehle and decided it with a penalty kick. Video assistant Paul van Buekel examined the scene but did not intervene. Star striker Harry Kane turned in the sidelines (ranked 104). “I don’t think it was a penalty,” Hjolmand said. “If that’s the case, it has nothing to do with Maehle. We don’t know who was supposed to make the mistake.”

The spoiler was sure of that. “It was definitely a penalty,” Sterling said. “I went into the penalty area, he extended his leg and it was a clear penalty.”

German referee Patrick Eitrich responded on Magenta TV when asked if he had whistled: “No,” Makkelie was sure. “We judge on the basis of slow motion and we have to find out that it was not a good idea to pass the penalty,” Etrich said. There was a slight touch to the knee. “Because of that they said they would not interfere,” the referee said of the behavior of the video assistants. It is not a clear and obvious mistake. Here I’d say he’s taking advantage of the connection.”

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