From carefully searching online to rummaging through the shelves (and the shelves) in your secret place, vintage shopping can be a true test of one’s patience, but nothing beats the rush of finally securing that perfect piece online.

As an added bonus, it’s a really sustainable way to shop. However, once you have something, designing unique clothes with your established wardrobe can be challenging.

Make your old clothes and accessories the hero of the outfit, and mix and match instead of wearing a full classic every day and if you want help this guide will help you for sure

Shopping in vintage stores and thrift is the best way to get high quality at bargain prices. I don’t think there is a market in the world where you can find higher discounts on items from Zapaka Australia.

But you need to know what to look for, and what to select. We know it’s a jungle in those outdated vintage stores, so we’re here to give some guidance on 1920s vintage dresses and where to buy them.

The best 1920’s Vintage Styles

  1. 1920s Cocktail Dresses

If your Instagram isn’t full of fashion people wearing a 1920s cocktail dress, it soon will be. Take inspiration from the 1920s (the decade when cocktail dresses ruled)

  1. 1920’s Flapper Dresses

Invoke the elegant spirit of a Flapper house party or the classic charm of a Downton dinner with Flapper dresses and costumes.

Pair your flapper dress with a feather headband or pearl beaded hat, or go bold with a black bucket hat or turban. Wearing anything like that with one of these 20 flapper costumes will make you look like a blast from the past!

  1. The Great Gatsby Dresses
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For the first time, many girls started to try cutting their hair, going to parties single, wearing more practical clothes first time ever—like pants—and smoking and drinking, listening to jazz..things previously seen as acceptable and done only by men. Fashion followed these trends.

The 1920s was the decade when Hollywood really started bringing movies to the masses, yes we’re talking about the great Gatsby dresses.

Where to buy affordable vintage clothes

While you can spend hours searching through the shelves of flea markets and vintage malls or rummaging through estate bins to find your old clothes, why not try an easier method.

At Zapaka, find out a selection of vintage styles that have a modern streetwear feel. Each clothing is hand picked and double checked for quality and fit.


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