Unsuccessful start: Bundesliga stars awarded Iceland win over Belgium

EM start unsuccessful
Bundesliga stars give Iceland victory over Belgium

Now the last group began in the European Championship. Belgium and Iceland tied at Manchester City’s training ground. Svendis convinces Gunsdottir of Wolfsburg, but she cannot lead her team to victory. It will now be very tight for both countries.

The draw for the start of the fourth group in the European Football Championship in England. At the Manchester City Academy stadium, Belgium and Iceland split 1:1 (0:0). After a goalless first half, 30-year-old Bergelind Thorvaldsdottir gave the northernmost side the lead with a close-range header in the 50th minute. In the first half she was saved by a penalty with a weak shot into the left corner from Belgian goalkeeper Niki Evrad .

Taking the lead, the Icelanders only dominated the match for a short while and had to conceded the equalizer in the 67th minute. Justin Vanhevermaet stayed cool with a penalty kick after referee Tess Olofsson awarded a penalty after a clumsy challenge from Gunhildur Gönsdottir.

The Bundesliga was well represented at the start of Group D. Glodis Figusdottir and Karolina Wilhelgamsdottir (both from Bayern Munich) and Svendis Gunsdottir (Wolfsburg Wolfsburg) all started in Iceland, while the Bundesliga’s Tyne de Kinney of TSG Hoffenheim was in the Belgian starting line-up. Young Jonsdottir managed to put in some accents, but her best chance in the 48th minute was blocked by the Belgian goalkeeper. Frankfurt substitute Alexandra Johansdottir missed a huge opportunity to make Iceland 2-1 in stoppage time. The ball nods off the goal from a short distance, and it remains a tie.

“We know that in our group we can beat the Icelandic women,” Belgium coach Yves Cernells said before the match. With Italy and the French title favorites, two pieces still await the elect. Iceland and Belgium, who are participating in the European Championship for the second time, will need a miracle to move from the group stage to the knockout stage of the European Championship.

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