Gerd Muller becomes part of FIFA Ultimate Team (rumor)

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According to insiders like FUT Zone and FUT Leader, the icons from FIFA 23 will be expanded to include one of Germany’s most famous players: Gerd Müller, World Champion from 1974. In collaboration with content creator Deku GFX, FUT Zone has also posted a graphic on Twitter showing what it could look like. It would look like a Muller symbol map.

The list of famous cards in the “Ultimate Team” in FIFA currently includes 105 world-class footballers, but only five of them are German footballers. That may change soon once we get information from Insiders like the FUT Region and FUT Commander It must be validated. Accordingly, Gerd “Bomber der Nation” Müller will get his ICON card in the upcoming FIFA 23. Leakers on Twitter have been silent on whether the collector’s item will also be available in several versions. However, FUT Zone, in association with Deku GFX, has published an image showing a potential Gerd Muller trading card. The graphic also shows a card of Rudolf “Rudi” Voller – the former professional Werder Bremen player was one of the national team players at the 1990 World Cup and won the title.

Mueller’s record is unbeaten to this day

Gerd Muller, who died on August 15, 2021, was a striker at Bayern Munich between 1964 and 1979 and was considered one of the best footballers in the world at that position. As the Bundesliga’s record goalscorer, Muller scored 365 goals in 427 matches, putting him ahead of Robert Lewandowski, Klaus Fischer and Jupp Heynckes. Rudi Voller is ranked 24. As a national player, Gerd Muller was the German champion, winning the DFB Cup and in 1972 the European champion several times. He won the world title on July 7, 1974 in Munich. There Muller scored a 2:1 winning goal against the Netherlands in the 43rd minute of the match.

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