AUA relaxes flight schedule from January to end of March

Austrian Airlines (AUA) is shortening the flight schedule. In the first quarter of the new year, AUA spokeswoman Yvonne Wacholder said on ORF radio that many flights will be canceled. Adjustments are made in single-digit ratio. This applies to transcontinental connections, for example to Montreal and Tehran, within Europe there are routes to Bologna, Leipzig or Cologne. Reason: Reservations were demolished.

„Es ist eine allgemeine Unsicherheit, wir haben aber auch in den letzten Monaten oder schon während der gesamten Pandemie gesehen, dass Buchungen sehr kurzfristig erfolgen, da man hier eben noch abwarten de nnämöch Best holder Sängert Wahn Monday. As a result, flights will be canceled, but frequencies on frequently used routes will also be reduced so that flights are consolidated.

Sister company Swiss also canceled about 3,000 flights from January to March, it was reported. AUA’s Lufthansa airline cancels every tenth flight. That’s 33,000 connections. Europe’s largest low-cost carrier Ryanair, the parent company of Lauda Europe, will cut its flight schedule by a third in January.

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