31st Competition Day of the 3rd Division

FC Ingolstadt will be challenged for third place in the table on Saturday afternoon by FC Bayern II.

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Under the new training duo for the FC Bayern II Upper Bavarian derby 1. FC Ingolstadt will compete on Saturday. We report in comprehensive live ticker.

  • FC Ingolstadt will host FC Bayern II for the top Bavarian derby on the 31st day of Division 3 competition.
  • With hosts involved in the promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga, the team of new coaching duo Martin Demichelis and Danny Schwartz is battling to stay in the league.
  • The game starts at 2pm today. We report on live ticker.

There were easy prerequisites for a training introduction. After four defeats in a row, FC Bayern II, after the third division champions, advanced beyond the eliminated places, thanks to a better goal difference.

It was clear before the most recent 2: 3 bankruptcy against VFP Lுbeck that the sports management had decided to change the coach. Holger Nilsson, who coached FC Bayer’s 2nd team until last Saturday, is part of the game’s management. As youth leader Jochen Sauer explained, in order to plan the upcoming season with him, his focus must now be back.

FC Ingolstad vs FC Bayern II in live ticker: Demichelis and Schwarz should give new impetus to FCB presence

The explosive game situation is due to the fact that Sauer now wants a “new impetus” from Martin Demichelis and Danny Schwartz. “Bayern Amateur” will definitely be playing in Division 3 for the 2021/22 season.

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It is very annoying that Demicelis is demanding time now, so that “we can all get used to each other”. There is a risk of falling into an exhaust zone already in the introduction. After a win in eleven games so far in the second half of the season, the Munich team will play the strongest home team in the league with FC Ingolstadt in the first game of the new training duo. With one victory, Bayern II, after all, was able to provide 1860 support to local rivals in the struggle for promotion.

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