The Austrian national football team has ended the disappointment of the 2021 international tournament in Glagenford. After yesterday’s match against Israel (the issue is still emerging), the match against Moldova is on the agenda on Monday.

FB Managing Director Bernhard Newholt already plans to hold international tournaments for 2023 at Linz Stadium. “This is definitely an interesting place for us in terms of past experience,” Newholt stressed. When it comes to international competitions in the Big Linz area, traditionally there is always a high demand – even in the junior division. “Upper Austria and the Linz area are very fond of football.” Discussions regarding possible implementation should be conducted primarily with LASK. Schwarz-Weien are the sole owners of the Google Grounds. The Raiffeisen-Arena on the Gugl, scheduled for 20,000 visitors, is scheduled to be completed in February 2023 after a delay in the start of construction due to a new tender required.

ÖFB already plans to use Linz Stadium as a venue for international matches

In 2022 Vienna will be the first choice

Image: GEPA

Linz location will be very important as there are no alternatives on FB. There has been only one international match in Salzburg in the last eight years, mainly due to strain on the grass. The Austrian national team was last stopped in Innsbruck in 2018. The stadiums of Rapid and Austria are also not in question as a venue, mainly due to fan opposition.

High hopes are also placed on the new ground of second division club Blau-Wei Linz. In addition to international youth sports, it would be a great venue, especially for the Austrian women’s national team.

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Vienna has priority in 2022

Next year, Vienna’s Ernst Hoppel Stadium will prioritize international competitions for men’s selection. This is mainly due to the capacity of 48,500 viewers. The chances of more spectators coming to Hoppel Stadium next year are good: Austria will have to play in the play-off semi-finals of the World Cup. The final – if there is any luck in the draw – can come to Vienna. Thanks to the elevation to Pool A, international matches against the best nations in the Nations League in the fall are now possible.


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