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Borealis and Verbund put one of the largest PV roof systems in Upper Austria into operation

Borealis and Austrian energy company VERBUND have announced the installation of a new photovoltaic system at the Borealis production site in Linz, Austria.

Linz / Vienna (A) Borealis and Austrian energy company VERBUND are pleased to announce the installation of a new photovoltaic (PV) system at the Borealis production site in Linz, Austria. This investment is in line with Boreali’s goal of improving the sustainability of its operations while supporting the Upper Austrian Government’s PV Strategy 2030.

Rooftop PV systems are among the cleanest ways to generate renewable energy. Due to the abundance of large areas in industrial buildings, they represent an ideal location for such systems. The new rooftop photovoltaic system jointly built by Borealis and VERBUND at the Borealis site in the Linz Chemical Park has a module area of ​​4,794 square metres, making it one of the ten largest plants of its kind in Upper Austria.

After completion of construction work in about six weeks, the pilot process of optimizing the performance of the new photovoltaic system began at the beginning of May 2022. The plant, scheduled to be fully operational later this month, will generate a production capacity of about 1 megawatt at peak (MWp). ). The photovoltaic system will contribute about 1 gigawatt-hour (GWh) of electricity, which roughly corresponds to the electricity consumption of 250 households. As a result, the solar energy generated by the new plant will be used to power the Borealis plants in the Linz Chemical Park, which will enable the company to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions at the site by 350 tons per year.

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“The new PV plant in Linz is a welcome addition to our portfolio of energy and climate measures, all aimed at increasing the share of renewable energy in our production capacity mix,” said Thomas Jungle, CEO of Borealis. “As with our first PV project, which supports parts of our operations in Monza, Italy, this installation complements the many power purchase agreements we have entered into in recent months to provide renewable energy from wind farms for our manufacturing operations in Finland, available in Sweden and Belgium We continue to gain momentum in terms of sustainable energy procurement – ​​by constantly inventing new things to make our lives more sustainable.”

“The best and perhaps the only opportunity to reduce our dependence on imports of fossil fuels, confront rising energy prices and achieve our climate goals is the massive and rapid expansion of renewable electricity generation and the restructuring of the entire electricity system,” explains VERBUND Managing Director Michael Struggel. “Together with partners like Borealis, we are heading toward a clean and secure energy future.”

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