Tony Cruise has clear options for the Bundesliga exit

Tony Cruise has clear options for the Bundesliga exit
Tony Cruise will face Real Madrid in the Champions League final next weekend.

Tony Cruise will face Real Madrid in the Champions League final next weekend.Built in: Imago Images / Imago Images

One thing is for sure: Herta BSc or Hamburger SV will play in the Bundesliga next season. For the Berliners, the main goal of the knockout matches, which take place on Thursdays and Mondays, is to somehow save the season from being utterly chaotic.

On the other hand, in HSV, the exit is also a complete success. Because, even in his fourth year as a second division team, it is unclear whether Hamburg will be promoted this season. With only two games to go, the Hanseatic League rose to third place and retained this spot until the end of the season.

However, under Felix Magdalena, Herta remained somewhat stable after the catastrophic events and was relegated to 16th on the final day of the game, leaving Tony Cruise with a clear choice in “an exciting fight”. Even if the world star agrees not to watch the games.

“I like pundits who go out packing before the game, even if they get angry later”, Tony Cruise explains on his podcast “Einfach Mall Lupen”, which he publishes with his brother Felix. After the games, everyone can say that it was better because a team won 5-0.

Cruise appreciates the team spirit of the hamburger SV

So Tony Cruz is adamant: “Hertha will play in the Bundesliga next year.”

His brother Felix has no clear choice, but believes Hamburg will win both fights. “The HSV has an advantage in terms of speed.”

Because, after the intermediate sixth place, one can talk about a solid team that can not throw anything off the track as easily as the Hanseatic League fought back in the promotion competition. “Many would have given up”Union says former professional from Berlin.

Tony Cruise praised the team for the final of the season with five wins in five games.

After Felix Magad Hertha finished 17th seven weeks ago, no one could have hoped that Berlin would stand up. “I think they had an upward trend under the magnum and got one or two points.” According to Felix, in the end Hertha was very firm.

Tony Cruise: Team spirit as an individual class is very important

According to Tony Cruise, the relationship between team spirit and individual class is so important in such knockout duels that the team spirit is overestimated.

“It is very important for one to use their own qualities for team success and not to make themselves stand out. This is the most important characteristic of champions.” The Real Madrid midfielder is always happy to see you get rewarded. “I do not like you trusting a few people. It ultimately pays off.”

Smaller teams in particular will depend on the team factor that is supposed to be the best teams. When the Glasgow Rangers beat RB Leipzig in the Europa League semi-final, he said, “You can see what you can get out of it.”

As we have seen in Eintracht Frankfurt’s matches against FC Barcelona, ​​his brother Felix also mentioned the support of the fans, which is a big factor for such fights. What the boys gave the fans could not be underestimated.



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