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Get out of the way, low income earners!

Amira Boucher (29 years old) offers nearly 980,000 followers on Instagram an insight into her wardrobe. Or rather, in her dressing room – including a laundry lift! Pure luxury in Pocher.

But from the beginning: in the new episode of the podcast “Ya Amira” everything revolves around the topic of order. Oliver Bucher’s wife, 44, talks to expert Julia Feller about various tips and tricks for keeping your home clean and tidy.

Amira would like to pass on her newly acquired knowledge to her fans on Instagram and reveals in her story what she learned from the expert. The Austrian mother also films her own laundry elevator. Now you might be wondering what it’s supposed to be? The Pochers have an elevator in their elegant villa, which a princess specifically uses to transport laundry!

Noble: The Pochers have an elevator in their Cologne villa. Princess uses the elevator to wash because the laundry room is downstairsPhoto: amirapocher / Instagram

In her Instagram story, a mother of two explains how her system works. She filmed the elevator, where folded clothes are stacked, and Amira says, “It always stacks up for me because the laundry room is at the bottom, and then the laundry is put here and I have to put it back here again.”

“Here” means in the huge dressing room. Amira takes her fans with her via mobile. The recently disposed “Let’s Dance” participant not only showcases her adorable collection of sunglasses, but also space-saving shirt-folding technology.

Laundry is stacked from the bottom.  Princess showing the big elevator in the house she uses to do laundry

Laundry piles up there. When the elevator reaches the top, the princess puts the clothes directly into her dressing roomPhoto: amirapocher / Instagram

When the clothes are hidden, the elevator princess appears again in all his glory. Not a bad driver for the Boucher Family Laundry!

The Buchers seem to be feeling comfortable again in their home in Cologne. The family’s villa was destroyed in the flood of the last century. During the seven-month reconstruction period, they stayed in the villa of the friend Pietro Lombardi (29). When they returned to their four walls in March, not all of the work was completed. But now everything is back to normal in the truest sense of the word.

Every woman's dream: a princess who has her own dressing room

Every woman’s dream: a princess who has her own dressing roomPhoto: Amirapocher / Instagram

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