This is what the London trial is about

Things are getting serious for Boris Becker: the former German tennis star will be on trial in London from Monday. There are several claims. t-online tells you what it is all about and what Baker should be afraid of.

He won six Grand Slam tournaments and remains the youngest Wimbledon winner in history: Boris Becker. But the former tennis star will be arriving as of Monday, at 11 a.m. London In front of court. for him Processing Scheduled for up to three weeks. The accusation is bankruptcy.

The Londoner chosen by a person shall appear in person at the hearing. t-online tells you what it is all about and what punishment Boris Becker should fear.

What was the subject of Becker’s trial?

The 54-year-old has to respond in criminal proceedings to various allegations related to his bankruptcy proceedings. More than 20 charges include the fact that Baker was said to have attempted to withdraw money and valuables from the insolvency official’s access. He is accused, for example, of transferring money to his ex-wives Barbara and Lily, of not declaring property ownership and of not handing over awards from his career. However, a large part of the previous tennis ace awards have already been auctioned.

What threatens the former global player?

The three-time Wimbledon winner pleaded not guilty to all charges at a first hearing. However, if the court finds Baker guilty, he could face a prison sentence – theoretically up to seven years.

How does the former tennis star see the operation?

Before the trial, Becker was confident. “I am a positive person, and I always believe in good things and in the English judiciary,” he said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag in February. He announced that he would personally try to “refute the allegations relating to each of the 24 counts.”

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How did the current situation arise?

The London court declared Baker bankrupt in 2017. Although personal bankruptcy in England can usually be completed within 12 months, the process has been going on ever since. The various terms against Baker were extended to a twelve-year period. It was not initially clear how much money the former tennis star still had to pay and when the bankruptcy proceedings would end.


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