After migrant boat capsizes: French fishermen find body in nets

After a migrant boat capsized
French fishermen find body in nets

In the English Channel, fishermen make a shocking discovery: there is a corpse in the net of their cutter. A migrant boat capsized there more than two weeks ago, killing at least 27 people. Now it has been established whether the finding of the dead was linked to the drowning.

More than two weeks after a boat carrying migrants capsized in the English Channel and at least 27 were killed, fishermen found a body in a net that cut them off off Calais. And the Maritime Directorate announced in the evening, after a briefing with the water police, that the fishing boat returned to the port of Calais on Friday. The gendarmerie took care of the dead.

The public prosecutor in Boulogne-sur-Mer has launched an investigation. The investigation has not yet revealed whether the deceased was found in connection with the sinking of the boat.

The rubber boat lost air during the illegal crossing from northern France to Great Britain on November 24 and the migrants fell into the water. Discover the fishing boat floating in the middle of the English Channel. Among them were five women and a young girl.

Two of the survivors made serious allegations against the British and French authorities. Whoever sank their boat, they would have reported to the French Coast Guard and British Police. They both pointed at the other party and no one helped him.

The refugee crisis near Calais has been going on for years. Since the boat capsizing, France and Great Britain have once again been grappling with the increasing number of immigrants arriving in Great Britain via the English Channel. No solution is in sight yet.

On the contrary, after the last disaster, the fronts hardened. France canceled a meeting with Great Britain on immigration through the English Channel at the end of November – shortly after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson used Twitter to call for a deal with France to take back the migrants.

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