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The Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg go with the fear of being pushed into the international arena. After all, the nominally strong attack did not live up to expectations. So the pressure is on coach Florian Kofelt.

By Christian Cortson

The difference is obvious to the past as well. While Werfer Bremen has been known to value his team’s performance far more objectively than he has seen, it was very different recently as coach of VfL Wolfsburg – especially after the last two games.

After the 3-2 draw at SC Freiburg, the 39-year-old stressed that he was “very, very angry” about his team’s performance one step ahead in first-half critical analysis.

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VfL Jonas Wind from Wolfsburg © IMAGO / Eibner Photo: Memmler

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“In December I did not regret the failures as much as I do now, because we were bad there,” Cofeld told NDR. “Now we’ve give it a go. It’s something we’ll have to dig deep into our heads: it’s not possible. That’s a quality question for me too.” Overall, his statement allows us to conclude that the team’s nominal class is significantly inconsistent with the field’s performance.

VfL attack is lower than expected

Although Kohfeldt criticizes defensive behavior here, the contradiction between feasibility and implementation can be seen above all in attack. When the players for that part of the team were decided last summer, they were allowed to compare with the big players in the Bundesliga. Since the VfL storm nominally joined Wout Weghorst, Lucas Enmacha, Dodi Lukabagio and Luca Waltzmidt are the best in the league.

Schäfer: No team is bad when it comes to changing opportunities

Dutch international Vekorst left the VfL for the English Premier League in the winter, but was replaced by Danish international Jonas Wind and play designer Max Cruise. The surprisingly harmless nature of the Wolfsburg attack remains. Or, as sports director Marcel Schaefer said after the game against Leverkusen: “As far as I know, we’re a very bad team after changing our chances at the Bundesliga. That’s an example today.”

Cofelt’s balance is worse than Bommels’

Kohfeldt further argued: “We create opportunities in every possible area: with standards, after counterattacks and from level play. We have to score a goal – it’s relatively simple.” His personal balance sheet was also not read correctly. The game against Leverkusen on Day 27 was 18th under his charge.

When Cohfeld came in after the ninth day of play, the VfL, who were ninth in the table, had 13 points in their account. Now it is 31. Makes exactly one point per game. So it went to twelfth in the table. Under their predecessor, Mark von Pommel, the “Wolves” averaged 1.44 points.

“Wolves” after the break against Augsburg and Peelfeld

Managing director Jர்க்rg Schmidt, who wants to retire at the end of January 2023, has not benefited from replacing the coach. The only question is: what’s next for VfL, who first targeted Champions League spots?

Currently the “Wolves” seem to be going through the international break and then the remaining seven match days with worries about the exit. Because there are only five points left in the 16th rankings. Next assignments: FC Augsburg from fourth place and Arminia Bielefeld from home in the final. Lower Saxony, who was once very ambitious, must now show that he can fight dismissal.

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Max Kruse from VfL Wolfsburg © IMAGO / Christian Schroedter

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Jörg Schmadtke © IMAGO / regios24

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