Home Top News The Vatican has issued a new basic law: the Pope opens the highest offices in the Church to women

The Vatican has issued a new basic law: the Pope opens the highest offices in the Church to women

The Vatican has issued a new basic law: the Pope opens the highest offices in the Church to women

Vatican new constitution
The Pope opens high positions in the Church to women

The Catholic Church in Crisis: Sexual abuse and patriarchal associations unwilling to reform drive believers away. The Pope is now giving the Papal States a new basic law: In the future, ordinary people and women will also be able to hold important positions in the Vatican.

For the first time in the history of the Roman Curia, ordinary people and even women will soon be able to take command of the important powers of the Vatican. This was emphasized in the afternoon when the new statutes for the administration of the Papal States were introduced. Pope Francis promulgated the new Apostolic Constitution at the end of the weekpreach the gospel‘, which enters into force on June 5. In which the Pope broke many of the rules of his predecessors. One of the most important innovations is that almost all Doctors – some of which were formerly called congregations and resembled Vatican Ministries – could also be led by people who were not priests or bishops or even cardinals.

“These are no longer exclusion criteria,” said canon law expert Gianfranco Ghirlanda, commissioned by the Holy See. Ghirlanda asserted that among the future Sixteen Doctors, some were destined to be led by the unappointed, like ordinary family life. Under the previous order of 1988, the head of the department of therapy must be a cardinal or archbishop.

Thanks to Francis’ change, women can now hope to secure a senior position in the Vatican. The Pope wants his Curia to reflect the actual Christian world. places the publication of the Bible and work for the needy at the heart of the cultural constitution; He himself heads the new Dicastery for evangelism.

Paragraph on sexual assault

In the future, more prominent staff in Korea should come from dioceses from all over the world, and Francis would like to see more ups and downs. Therefore, jobs in Korea should only be granted for five years. However, there is a possibility of extending the term of office beyond the first five years “if I do a good job,” said Ghirlanda, who submitted the court order alongside Cardinal Marcelo Cimarraro and Bishop Marco Melino.

The constitution also includes a paragraph on the subject of sexual assault. The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors should support the meetings of bishops and bishops in developing strategies to protect minors from sexual abuse, as stated in the section on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which should be cases of abuse in the Church. mentioned. In addition, the commission must find appropriate answers in the event of abuse, for example by the clergy, in accordance with canon law and civil law.

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