BVB U23 lost 1-0 to Eintracht Braunschweig on Monday evening. It was also a farewell to the fans from the Road Erde ground.

Borussia Dortmund’s U23s lost 1-0 (0-1) to Eintracht Braunschweig at Rote Erde on Monday evening. It was for a team of coaches Enrico Massen But not just a home failure, a temporary farewell to the Road Erde ground.

U23’s house will be renovated next week. To say goodbye for now, 2079 spectators came to the traditional arena in the shadow of Signal Iduna Park, which has 300 fans from Brownsweek. Because the stadium is for Rote Erde Borussia Dortmund Not just any stadium but its numerous followers. The club celebrated great success here until they moved to Westfalenstadion. In every corner you can really feel and breathe the beauty and tradition of the past in this ground.

We all associate so many memories with this ground. Fans are very attached to Rode Erde. It is emotional

Thilo Danielsmeyer

This is another reason for gaining cult status among the fans. “There’s a little bit of depression,” the head of the Dortmund fan program explained Thilo Danielsmeyer. He allowed the last game BVB For almost half a year, but at least this season, don’t miss out. “We all associate so many memories with this ground. The fans on Rhode Island are so connected. It’s emotional.”

Fortunately, this is only a temporary farewell. This is because the ground, which opened in 1926, is now being set up to accommodate the 3rd Division. Not only will it get a new lawn, but it will also get a new drainage system and lawn heating so the U23s can play again next season. It protects third division football permanently. As the stadium will also be used as an athletic ground, a new running track will be established.

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Dortmund: Unbehaun – Finnsson (73th Kamara), Dames, Maloney – Papadopoulos, Pan – Njinmah, Taz (78th Broschinski), Pohlmann (73rd Tachie) – Tattermusch (78th Bornemann), Fink. – Coach: Massen

Brunswick: Braunschweig: Fejzic – Marx, Schultz, Behrendt, Kijewski – Nikolaou, Krauße (89th Strompf) – Sebastian Müller (65th Consbruch), Henning (83rd Henning), Multhaup (89th Multhaup) – Lauberrde. – Coach: Sheeley

கிழி: Multab (26.)

Referee: Arne Arning (Northern Thorn)

Viewer: 2079

Borussia Dortmund contributes to the costs of the transformation carried out by the city of Dortmund. BVB accepts the cost of heating the floor and the infrastructure for the new pitch. Prior to that, however, the former coal pits below the ground had to be refilled. It will take some time. That’s why it’s important to start the current season right now so BVB can play in Rote Erde again for the new season.

“The next three games against Victoria Berlin Halle and SC Verle at Signal-Iduna-Park will be different in terms of scenery than what you play on the small field,” Danielsmeyer said excitedly. “But it’s necessary. And we look forward to returning to Rhode Island next season.

BVB coach Enrico Massen also looks forward to the new pitch: “I think it’s very good that we’ve got a new surface. It’s very comfortable for everyone.”

On Monday evening, however, only Brunswick’s guests finally cheered.


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