That was the London trial

That was the London trial

Things get serious for Boris Becker: The former German tennis star will be on trial in London from Monday. There are many allegations. T-Online tells us what it is and what Becker should be afraid of.

He has won six Grand Slam tournaments and is still the youngest Wimbledon winner in history: Boris Becker. But the former tennis star is due to be on the court in London from 11am on Monday. The procedure is scheduled to take up to three weeks. Indictment Bankruptcy.

Must appear in person at the London-by-examination. D-Online tells you what it is and what punishment Boris Becker should be afraid of.

What is Becker’s investigation about?

The 54-year-old is expected to respond in criminal proceedings to various charges related to his bankruptcy proceedings. Of the more than 20 charges, Becker allegedly tried to extort money and valuables from the bankruptcy administrator. For example, he was accused of transferring money to his ex-wives Barbara and Lily, not declaring ownership of the property and not handing over trophies from his life. However, most of the former tennis players’ trophies have already been auctioned off.

What threatens the former world-class player?

The three-time Wimbledon winner pleaded not guilty at all to the first trial. However, if the court finds Becker guilty, he could face up to seven years in prison.

How does the former tennis star view the process?

Before the trial, Becker was optimistic. “I’m a positive person, I always believe in good things and English jurisdiction,” he told the Built-in Zondak in February. He personally declared that he was trying to “deny the allegations every 24 counts”.

How did the current situation come about?

Becker was declared bankrupt by a London court in 2017. Although a personal bankruptcy in the UK can usually be completed within 12 months, the process has been ongoing ever since. The various conditions against Becker were extended to twelve years. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


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