The EU stressed the importance of pursuing liberation and further strengthening the court, which will help set a positive agenda in EU-Turkish relations, Michael and Van der Leyen said after a video conference with Erdogan.

Erdogan wants to return to the EU. Turkey, according to him, will replace Britain

According to them, this is the situation of Syrian refugees in Turkey, which is defined by the number of asylum seekers in Europe under the five-year agreement with the Union.

Ankara wants to re-evaluate the deal or is not satisfied with the financial compensation provided by the union.

Relations between the Union and Ankara have deteriorated in the last quarter of last year, mainly due to a Turkish survey at the entry point, which Greece and Cyprus consider a violation of world sovereignty. In December, Fowstad and VLT agreed with the EU to extend the Bijat permit for two years.

This year, Ankara significantly changed its approach, significantly reducing the presence of its ships in the disputed area, and resumed talks with the Czech Republic. Erdogan, whose country has long distanced itself from EU values, is still a candidate country, beginning to talk about rejoining the EU.

So the union postponed the whole ban. However, some states in France, Greece and Cyprus want to ensure that Turkey is not a short-term positive measure to avoid sanctions. The 27 top politicians will discuss the way forward at the summit on Thursday. After that, Michael and van der Leyen may return to Turkey.

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The future of the Kurdish side of GDP is at stake

EU delegates today criticized the Turkish opposition People’s Democratic Party (GDP). The pro-Kurdish party, which has the largest parliamentary group in parliament, sang for Mr Farouk Kerkerlioglu’s MP on Wednesday.

The head of parliament quashed his order after the appellate court upheld the sentence for terrorist propaganda. Even in 2016, when he was not a member of parliament, Gerlioglu was given a two-and-a-half year term.

European Court of Human Rights acquits opposition leader Demirde

The Turkish prosecutor then turned to the state court with a request to destroy the GDP, accusing its members of disrupting the Turkish state’s unity and terrorist activities.

At the end of the Turkish police seized at least three high GDP. During the police operation, it detained only twenty activists and parties, Reuters quoted Turkish state media as saying.

The head of the Turkish organization for the protection of human rights, I.H.T. The organization recently criticized the Norwegian operation of Turkish security forces in Northern Ireland, during which a dozen Turkish citizens were found.

United States: The catastrophe of GDP will undermine Turkish democracy

The change in the barrier to GDP has provoked a number of negative foreign reactions. The United States has said this undermines Turkish democracy and prevents millions of Turkish citizens from electing their representatives. According to Turkey’s European Parliament correspondent Nacho Sanchez Amore, the party’s demise will have a negative impact on relations between Brussels and Ankara.

According to EU diplomat Joseph Boral, the proposal on differentiated GDP raises EU concerns about first grading in Turkey. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has rejected the criticisms, saying they are interfering in the functioning of the local judiciary.

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Erdogan’s regime has long suppressed GDP. The president accused him of joining the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), an armed struggle for an autonomous Kurdish state since the 1980s and for the first Kurdish and other Kurdish populated areas in Turkey. Ankara, the European Union and the United States consider it a terrorist organization. GDP is linked to PKK.

Since the local elections in 2019, Erdogan’s government has lost several mayors of sixteen townhalls, occupying GDP with a large Kurdish minority in the southeast after the election, and establishing a representative there.

The former GDP official has been in office since 2016, and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has called for his immediate release.


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