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At Sydney Airport: A man jokes with passengers with false location information – News Abroad

Looking out the plane window, the hearts of many passengers must slip into their pants…

In the approach lane at Sydney Airport (Australia), a man took a joke and painted the message “Welcome to Perth” on the roof of his house in large white letters. This information is quite a shocker when you actually want to go to Sydney. Because: Perth is on the other side of Australia, about 3,300 kilometers from the capital.

The scammer who came up with this idea is called Brad Heisman because a paint company was painting his property in Sydenham, a suburb of Sydney. “Our building complex is right on the approach lane, and we always see planes overhead. So I thought, why not?” Heisman toldthe passenger“.

The Australian paid a lot for fun: Painters paid 4,500 Australian dollars (2,800 euros), according to “7 news“For their work and their color – which can be read even at night thanks to the reflective glass crystals. For Heisman, it seems to have paid off: “Every time a plane flies, I laugh at my sleeve,” he told the news channel.

However, the Australian copied the joke from Mark Jobs. The American lives on the flight path of the airport in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). In 1978 he painted the words “Welcome to Cleveland” (540 km away in Ohio) on the roof of his home. Heasman: “I thought there was no reason I couldn’t do it the same way and make some people laugh.”

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