As I wrote after the interview, the notion that Megan, who met the Prince as a 35-year-old divorced woman in the American film and television industry, has somehow surprised her in the British royal family is unbelievable, even better. This is so important that Prince Harry, the son of the tragically deceased Princess Diana, was chosen and told everything he could about his family and the court before he died. Megan’s relationship with the palace could not have seemed “tougher” after her marriage to Harry, and the environment gave her less support than she expected – without any illusions; But she really can’t be surprised. If so, she should be completely naive, which (as the interview showed) is not a coincidence.

In addition, I personally suspect Pierce Morgan (who, after criticizing the interview, ended up being the host of the popular “Good Morning, Britain!”, Thousands of complaints were heaped on him), as well as the Duchess of Sussex’s words about suicide. However, the conditions of the human soul are unpredictable, as well as some have to verbally and publicize even their most intimate inner feelings, so who knows த்தி for my taste (emphasizing the word “mine”), in particular, this part of the interview is very dramatic; Most Americans intended this primarily, but on the contrary, as is well known, had to be very determined to impress, their reaction was similar.

This is true without underestimating what the Duchess of Sussex has said about racism in the British royal family. In today’s United States, whether proven or not, racist accusations do not seem to disqualify anyone humanly, professionally, and socially. Furthermore, if such an allegation was made by the Duckle couple, i.e. vague and indefinite, he would never reveal who uttered any words in the Windsor, so that he could not defend himself, and the family should be restrained. : They are old racists, that’s all! Try to say no, or try to stand up for them, you will see! In this, most of the Americans that Megan spoke were clear, which is why her words sounded the way they did.

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Another aspect or aspect of American society was targeted by the Duchess of Sussex “with surgical precision.” Despite modern times and all the changes, British society, which is clearly divided into classes and classes, is still a society that knows exactly where they are, but the United States, by nature, has vast social differences compared to the island monarchy, a society almost (exaggerated) egalitarian. I hope you understand the meaning of that word. The idea of ​​how an “ordinary woman of the people” was victimized in a high-ranking royal family full of prejudices (including racism) has to be echoed among many Americans, even if they are free from such prejudices. So, according to Meghan, another “attacked the black”, as well as the rest of the interview. In short, a media “masterpiece” is great!


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