The infection rate rises to 772.7 and reaches a new high - Lauterbach does not recommend tightening preventive measures

German hospitals are currently complaining of an above-average staff shortage This leads to omicron wave effects back. Nearly three-quarters of clinics report understaffing in patient-related areas more than usual at this time of year, according to a midweek survey by the German Hospital Institute of more than 240 clinics.

In 12 percent of hospitals, the staffing shortage is much higher than normal. According to the survey, more than 20 percent of employees get sick here more than usual in the winter. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the German Hospital Association, Gerald Gass: “The data indicate that the significant absence of staff is caused by omicron infection among hospital staff.”

According to the hospital company, sick leave is particularly high among the nursing staff. One in five hospitals reports that more than 20 percent of their nursing staff are more than usual at this time of year. Gass said the staffing shortage “is currently a much bigger problem than it has been in normal years”.

Every second hospital in the survey reported that Not being able to fully operate his family in public wards at the moment due to staff shortages, almost every second says this about their intensive care units.

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