La HAS recommande une deuxième dose de rappel dès 65 ans pour les personnes très à risque

As the Covid-19 epidemic sees a fresh resurgence, HAS (Haute Autorité de santé) on Friday recommends a second booster dose of the vaccine for people over 65, who are at risk of contracting severe forms like the government’s proposed scientific council. In addition, HAS also recommends injecting this second booster six months after the first “Because of the effectiveness it is still good three months after the first reminder”.

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The French authorities also made other recommendations: they now see it possible to vaccinate children who have suffered from Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PIMS), the most common complication of Covid in young children.

The fourth dose is already open to those over the 80s

The fourth dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 is already available to people over 80, the prime minister announced about a week ago. This second booster dose is also open to younger people who live in nursing homes or long-term care (USLD) units, the Directorate General of Health said last Tuesday.

Soon a new expansion?

at this moment, Not on the agenda. “Today, there is no efficacy data for a second booster dose for the youngest, and this is not immediately relevant.”, according to Alan Fisher, Mr. Vaccination Government. For its part, HAS insists on the fact that it is not “close connection” To open up the fourth dose to the whole population, after its European counterpart, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) took a similar position on Thursday.

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