Bars and restaurants 'could close under Plan D'

The government will put in place stricter plans to reduce transmission of the Omicron variant (Photos: ;PA)

Bars and restaurants in England could be forced to close again if the Covid-19 ‘D’ plan to curb the sharp rise in Omicron cases, it has been alleged, is implemented.

As the crisis deepens before Christmas, the government is said to be developing a series of potentially tougher measures, which could bring this year’s celebrations closer to those of 2020.

Boris Johnson confirmed on Wednesday that “Plan B” rules will be enforced across the country, affecting millions of people.

The restrictions include mandatory face coverings in most indoor settings – including cinemas and theaters – and U-turns on work-from-home advice.

But according to Whitehall insiders, as reported by the Sunday Mirror, ministers are now considering a “Plan C” – and a tougher “Plan D”.

There were already concerns that existing rules could be replaced by a “Plan C,” which could include extending the use of vaccine passports to bars and restaurants, where masks will be required again.

Under “Plan D,” hotel companies will only be allowed to operate abroad.

But this will turn into a complete shutdown if the Omicron infection continues to rise.

Virus restrictions will be tightened in England on Monday as cases of Omicron variants increase (Image:.)

The prime minister refused to rule out a Christmas ban (Image: Associated Press)The prime minister ‘cancelled’ Christmas for millions of people last year (Image: Associated Press)

It comes as the number of cases of the ‘highly transmissible’ variant increased by 1,239 in a single day across the UK.

Earlier this week, experts warned that even an optimistic scenario could see a peak of more than 2,000 daily treatment cases, with “175,000 hospitalizations and 24,700 deaths between December 1 of this year and April 30, 2022.”

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A Ministry of Health source told The Mirror: “If you’re following the science, we really have to implement Plan C now. The Prime Minister is betting with the NHS to save his leadership.

No more news

But we all know the Prime Minister can’t let anything happen this Christmas. I hurt her last time. Doing it again would be killing.

Parliament will discuss the measures next week, with a vote taking place on Tuesday.

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