LeipzigThe leather jacket worn by Gill Ofarim on the day of the alleged anti-Semitic incident in Leipzig’s “Westin” is now openly under police investigation. As Picture The report on Monday said a criminal investigation officer was reportedly wearing a 400 euro jacket. The investigator is also said to have worn a necklace – the star of David. The evening of October 4 was not the day the Forform was worn, it is said.

Ofarim said in an Instagram video that a hotel employee asked him to pack his chain, which is considered his trademark. However, it is said that the chain could never be seen in the video surveillance. Ofarim later said the chain may have slipped under his jacket. The 39-year-old looks like he’s not worn in surveillance videos, but insists: “I always wore it,” the 39-year-old told Bild in October.

Now investigators are checking to see if the star has actually slipped – for example by gesture. According to the film, expert opinion is not yet available, according to the public prosecutor’s office. An internal statement acquits those previously accused of opium. Meanwhile, the musician returned to his followers on New Year’s Eve Instagram: “Out of respect for all involved, I will continue to do this until the independent investigations of the Leipzig Criminal Police Office are completed. More clarity.”

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