It is often heard that France has “the best player in the world” at this European Championship. But surprisingly often the name does not refer to attacking stars Kylian Mbabane or Antoine Griezmann. But in N’Golo Kanté. At 1.69 meters, the small, obscure river made it the last fan to notice its outstanding performance in the Champions League final.


Reply by Marco Rossi with Hungary on Saturday (3pm)ARD And Magenta TV) The next opponent of the French, no longer surprised. “It would be so easy to say Mbappé“When asked about his favorite player, he replied Team Instead he was called Conte. “It is not even possible to praise or criticize him“When the 30-year-old was asked if it was good to be a world footballer, he replied:” If I can, I will pick him. “

The German quartet at Chelsea FC make strong recommendations for this. “You can not hate him,” defender Antonio Rodger said: “He’s always smiling. I never saw him angry. Those who do not like him have serious problems within themselves.” Coach Thomas Duchess called his midfield strategist “incredible, he’s like a player and one and a half or two. And everyone who first sees him loves him. Even my family loves him when he’s at home in front of the TV.”

Werner: Conte “The best river in the world for me”

Because in addition to all the sympathy comes the football class. Guy Howards “As an attacker he’s always happy to be on the field. You can make as many mistakes as you want. He feels like he’s getting every ball back. Even if it’s small. He’s always fast and agile and somehow gets his foot inside.” Chelsea striker Timo Werner is also surprised. “For me, he is the best river in the world. He is a Burdock, who will never give up.“Then Werner praises him:” He is very humble. That’s why everyone in the world loves him. He goes out on the field and plays. Nothing distracting. “

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Conte is certainly not a man of great gestures, let alone an actor or playwright. On the contrary: he is shy and humble. Not much is known about himself. He and his parents, who left Mali, grew up in a difficult neighborhood with eight siblings, and the father died at the age of eleven, the son named after King Enkolo Diara. And he was rejected in many youth academies because of the size of the youth.


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