Chancellor deceives Birbock and Habeck-Schulz reduces the internal policy of the Greens

On comedy television, Olaf Scholz (SPD) is Mr. Schlumpf – as chancellor is Maester Schumpf: The Greens shrank in the early days of government…

And that’s with the Merkel scam: stop dealing with ambitious partners from the start! Angela Merkel (67, CDU) cashed in 2010 on the FDP’s tax reform plans—and thus trimmed FDP chief Guido Westerwelle (54) on its core issue.

► Schulz is now doing the same with Robert Habeck (52) on the green issue of nuclear power: In Brussels, the chancellor helped ensure that nuclear power (France’s request) and climate-damaging Russian gas are considered “sustainable” in the EU. The anti-nuclear party totally deluded!

► In the direction of Annalena Barbock (41), Schultz explained: Foreign policy is a top priority! His advisor arranges appointments for Putin, personally explores the issue of Ukraine and EU gas policy – all core issues of Barbock!

the green? Angry – but helpless and helpless!

► Officially, according to BILD, a senior environmentalist, Scholz’s approach cannot be criticized: “He is the chancellor, the EU and Putin are his level.” But: “An unfriendly act – actually we can’t afford it.” In fact. ..

Green MP Dieter Janicek (45) explained to BILD that he “expects clear language” from traffic lights when it comes to energy issues. Has leverage: none…

Michael Bloss (35) MEP for green environment has called for measures “against the greenwashing of nuclear and gas energy” – participated in a petition. As if the greens were just opposing…

After all: on Russia policy (Schulz wants a “qualified new start”), the Greens get support from outside expert FDP Frank Muller-Rosentrett (39): “We can only make a new start if Russian troops arrive and mercenaries leave.” Crimea and eastern Ukraine. We need a clear common path in the European Union that confirms this. “This is exactly the position of the Greens.

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But not that of Schulze and the SPD…


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