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The arrival of Eastern vaccines will not disappear from the collective memory • RESPECT

On Monday, in preparation for a virtual meeting of Mexican and US leaders, Mexican President Lopez Obrador made the first phone call in January this year to ask whether the new US president, Joe Biden, was United. States may send some of its vaccines to Mexico. -19. He expects an answer during the upcoming conversation.

We do not know what happened during the meeting, which was not mentioned in the joint report on vaccinations. But the position of the United States He explained As soon as Obrador made his appeal, a White House spokesman said: “President Biden has made it clear that he is focused on making the vaccine available to all Americans. The government is working to vaccinate all Americans.

The next day, Biden announced that “the United States is on track to make the vaccine available to Americans of all ages by the end of May.” In other words, if the southern neighbors want help, they have to wait until then. Mexico is not the only country that does not approach Americans for help. How Axios alerted the server“Canada is a country that has been ordered to provide more benefits in proportion to its population than any other country in the world, has supply problems and has received a similar response from Washington (in response to a request for assistance).”

In the south of the United States, the situation is no less complicated. Latin American countries, with a population of about 650 million, have great difficulty obtaining the required quantity of goods from Western companies. Some tried too hard: Argentina, for example, companies Given As a testing ground, it has entered into several pre-purchase agreements and agreed to produce the product under license under the license with vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca.

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In contrast, Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro scoffed at the whole idea of ​​the vaccine and rejected the concessions of preliminary agreements – addressing a possible deal with Pfizer last December, for example, stating that “the contract offered by Pfizer clarifies the consequences. The result is the same – Latin American countries do not have enough supplies for Western companies.

Nevertheless, they are vaccinated because they are suppliers from elsewhere – Russia, China and India. Almost all Latin American countries are a combination of the three countries’ vaccines. For example, last week 40 million of Argentina Received Another ship of 730,000 doses of the same product landed in Buenos Aires on Tuesday (total order 25 million dose) – about 900,000 doses of Chinese vaccine Sinoform, previously about half a million doses of Russian vaccine Spotnik. Serum, an Indian company, has sold (supplied) 580,000 doses of Covshield vaccine to AstraZeneca’s Indian variant Argentina.

Covit in Brazil
Chief Advertiser of the Chinese Vaccine, Governor of Sao Paulo Jono Doria • Author: Lego Vienna / The News 2

A similar situation exists elsewhere. Bolivia, for example, picked up Sputnik’s first ship at the end of January, and the president welcomed it to the airport. The vaccine was quickly approved in Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Venezuela. The Chinese vaccine is found everywhere in the region, following in the footsteps of Donald Trump, President Bolsanaro, who was fundamentally different from all of China, eventually resigned himself from criticizing its distribution.

Chile is the winner of the Latin American Vaccine Competition, which maintains a practical trade relationship with the world, connecting vaccine supplies from both the West and the East – i.e. 10 million doses of Pfizer, a similar amount to Chinese Sinovac and other Astrogeneka Johnson & Johnson Plus UN. Presented from the Kovacs Project. Chile is like that now The sixth vaccinated country in the world After Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Britain, the United States and Serbia (which also combines vaccines of Western and Eastern descent).

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Are Latin Americans excited about Eastern vaccines? Some do not, while others see such thinking as a luxury in the current context. A Brazilian study conducted by Datafoha in December found that 47 percent of people are willing to use the Chinese vaccine, while 74 percent of Brazilians are interested in US doses. However, suspicion is waning that a month later, in a study conducted by the same company, only 39 percent of people rejected the Chinese vaccine.

In Argentina, President Fernandez had to face unpleasant questions from the opposition and the opposition press. Spatnik is still recognized in the country only as an emergency measure, but Fernandez explained everything simply by need. “Unfortunately, it is true that 10 per cent of countries have a monopoly on the supply of 90 per cent of the existing vaccines,” he said. The Russian vaccine may be less effective, but Argentines at least officially believe it is safe. Better than anything. For example, the reactions of many Argentines were on a similar nerve Report by NPR, an American radio station.

Is there a political dimension to the advent of Eastern vaccines? Undoubtedly. Chinese and Russian goods are welcomed with great pomp at airports. Left-wing populist governments in Argentina and Bolivia have long commented on materials that confirm anti-Western rhetoric. Russian goods are subject to trade agreements, and the Czech Republic is aware of Argentina’s cooperation with Russia in building nuclear energy. In Brazil, for example, the fight for the vaccine has become a precursor to the upcoming presidential race: the main promoter of the Chinese vaccine is the governor of the state of Sவோo Paulo, Jono Toria. Bolsanara’s next major competitor was able to carry China’s cooperation with the local renowned Instituto Button, which specializes in sera production and acts as a link between the Chinese manufacturer and other Brazilian states, despite the presence of Federal President Bolsonara.

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The majority of commentators see the arrival of Eastern vaccines in Latin America as an event that is not immediately apparent from collective memory. However, the situation in Latin America remains dire, with Brazil on the brink of collapse again – too CommentThe country is becoming a source of dangerous corona virus charges and future mutations worldwide. The effectiveness of the vaccines has not yet been found and the volume of distribution is not yet adequate. However, Latin America has found that trusting Western institutions or Third World governments is certainly not enough.

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