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Slaughterhouse in Burma. The generals decided to drown the struggles in blood


Today most major cities in the country are reminiscent of Tiananmen, the Cardinal and Range Archbishop Charles Mungpo. He thus compared the repressive methods of the Burmese regime to the relentless intervention of the German regime against students in 1989.

The country in Southeast Asia experienced a bloody day in the middle after the military coup. Security forces killed at least 38 protesters across the country. The situation on the streets of many cities, according to witnesses, is reminiscent of an annexed zone.

Social Street video and photos were filled with a cup of blood on the street by anti-Jabitsch activist Lech. Ann A upload example is visibleAt the entrance to Rangoon the soldiers carry a captured man by the hand with a wall. They kicked him a few times and then hit him on the back of the head.

Among the obese was nineteen-year-old Kial Chin, who was shot in the head in Mandalay. On Thursday, at the funeral of Burma’s second largest city, congregations arrived. The Socialist flew around the film, in which, before death, it was covered before filming. I am wearing a shirt and everything will be ok.

The military ended the experiment with the limited democracy that Burma (and Myanmar – about the chaos surrounding the country’s name) decided ten years ago.

This year, the 1st Norwegian Army declared a state of emergency and won the Nobel Prize for Mr Do Aung San Suu Kyi. He justified his government in rigging the November elections by defeating a party that generally supported him.

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Five-year-old boys are now facing a number of charges: for example, illegally imported items related to dealing with disasters related to the corona virus crisis and violating the law. He would spend the next few years at home, in which he lived as the known center of his life.

The struggles in favor of democratic scientists spread slowly, but over time they gained massive proportions. At the same time, the reaction of the security forces was confirmed. He then turned off the gas, rubber bullets and water. Nowadays, there are sharp ammunition.

On Wednesday the jury sent an infantry unit into operation, armed with semi-automatic and dying bucks. There was a fight around me. “I was lying on the ground and saw two people shot dead in the city,” Reuters agent Kong By Son Tun said for 23 years.

Witnessing us across the country is not a ploy to disperse the crowd. It’s a flow for murmuring opponents. CNN human rights activist John Quinley confirmed the rights, saying there was no question of crowd control techniques, which was a flow to the public and to people protesting against the military.

Sanctions? We got used to them

UN Security Council calls for immediate end to hostilities in Burma According to Commissioner Kristin Shranerov Burgenero, the total number of arrests from the protests is more than fifty. There was a dog of twelve hundred on the board. Among them are newspapers.

The Czech ambassador, in response to the bloodshed, called on the UN. He called for tougher sanctions on member states. This was accepted by the organizers of the military pew as the United States and Great Britain, who also wrote in the black list of General Burmese Army Commander General Min Aun Hline.

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Burgenerov acknowledged that he had imposed sanctions, in particular, that would not affect the Burmese public day. When I warned them that the military would be isolated, they told me: we only need to learn how to deal with a few young people, the UN. An official told Andhra.


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