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“Ten of the Lions”: “Pinky gloves” cause outrage


“Ten of the Lions”: The term product is causing severe criticism

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“Lions Ten”: Period gloves cause a storm

“Lions Ten”: Period gloves cause a storm

Two young founders are promoting this product: pink plastic gloves that women can use to remove and dispose of tampons and sanitary napkins. Audiences are angered by the stigma associated with menstruation.

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In “Die Höhle der Löwen” two men offer a product aimed at solving a problem for women. The audience is angry.

  • The new episode of “Die Herr der Lowen” on Vox is causing a stir
  • The reason for this is “pinky gloves”: pink disposable gloves to help with dumbbell removal
  • Investors were adamant – this is causing criticism on social networks

It’s been a long time since there was a product on the show “Lions Ten” Excited as it is: with them “Pinky Gloves” Pink disposable gloves are great for removing and removing tampons. “We want to make women’s lives easier with Pinky,” said founders Andre Ritterswarton and Eugene Rimculo.

With their preparation, the removal of tampons will no longer be an obstacle to flexible leisure activities, the founders insisted. “We men are not directly affected, but the problem is very important, so we have developed a solution,” they explained: “Pinky” glove for “practical and above all hygienic removal”. Women’s Hygiene Articles, Clean, leak-proof and odorless. “

“Ten of the Lions”: The founders are disgusted by the tampons

The jury wanted to know if they had a “severe creeping experience”, so the glove was developed Judith Williams Knowledge. “So really not just one, but many,” replied the founders who met at Bundeswehr. There they lived with the women in the flat they shared.

In the shared bathroom, when they looked at the trash can, they found the usual way to dispose of it. Dumplings: Wrapping in toilet paper. “After a while it smells unpleasant and wets the paper. It’s very unpleasant,” the founders explained to Lowen.

Rimkulo and Ritterswarton described themselves as “real” on the show Understanding women“Although they did not have a female person in an executive position, the development of” Pinky “was very close to women. “In addition, according to the founders, they were both married to women.

Pinky Gloves: Plastic gloves for your time

These arguments were obviously sufficient for the jury: the “reasonable price” of 2.99 euros per pack and the attractive design especially attracted investors to the TV show. “No one has thought about this yet,” he said Ralph Dummel. He and Nils Glago wanted to invest. In the end, Ritterswarten and Rimcolo decided in favor of the 54-year-old Demmel.

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He eagerly shared a photo with the founders on Twitter. The Performance However, it did not take long for it to come. The hashtag spread on Twitter after it aired #Pinggate. The audience was particularly outraged when the founders presented the period as “a problem” for which they finally found a “solution”. The stigma of menstruation as “disgusting” has also been criticized.

“Ten of the Lions”: Anger about the menstrual product

“Thank you, Ralph Dummel, for doing this The man issue Finally resolved. Now virtuous people are not to be hated and can profit from their sexual production. Simply the best, ”a user wrote inconsistently under the investor’s contribution Twitter.

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Another Twitter user posted: “Can men please stop? Women They try to convince her that it is her time and hers Genital organs Anything disgusting? “

Criticism of the consistency of “pinky gloves”

Even without it Consistency Causes product criticism. “Widespread litter bins in public toilets would be a more sustainable solution, but of course it’s not as lucrative as individually packed rubber gloves, it solves a man’s problem, and women are asked to pay again,” one user wrote.

Another complains: “In a world that is slowly overflowing with rubbish, men ‘discover’ a pink color. Disposable gloveThus women can make their tampons ‘hygienic’. Get applause for that. “

It should also be noted that this makes a lot of sense Health products For women “The Lions Ten” Given. In the fall of 2019, Berlin’s opening “Oya” periods offered a more consistent and convenient alternative to tampons and health pieces. However, the founders could not convince the arbitral tribunal at that time.

“Pinky” Review: Ralph Dummel Comments on Instagram

Chief Lion Ralph Dummel responded to the criticism Wednesday. In a long Instagram post, Dummel apologizes. Period of time A political issue in which he “did not pay the necessary attention”. “I thought it would solve a problem for menstruation to occur during travel, for example at festivals,” Lion writes.

There were harsh criticisms about the product that both founders “simply did not know as a group of men”, and Demmel defended the inventor of “Pinky” and writes at the end of his post: “It hurts my heart when I read all the news and comments.” Period of time Dedicate more in the future.

“Pinky” inventors justify themselves after “Lion’s Cave”

Knights and Rhymes also responded to the criticism with a video on Instagram. “Menstruation is completely natural and no one should be ashamed or ashamed,” the founders make clear. “No way they wanted to express themselves” on TV Menstruation Something disgusting “.

You will fight the stigma of menstruation for a long time. “Time is definitely not dirty or unhygienic,” they insist Founder. They would never have thought of it. In the future, they will want to be more careful than that. Are these statements going to buy women above all else “Pinky Gloves” Dizziness is seen.


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