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England fans are causing trouble in London

England fans are causing trouble in London

Emergency in London!

Tens of thousands of football fans in the British capital arrived in the mood for the European Championship final in the evening between England and Italy with beer, mantras and white and red nightgowns.

Bars, fan zones and pubs have been very busy since early morning – police at Wembley Stadium were already very busy three hours before the kick-off.

As many British media outlets reported the news unanimously, a large number of fans tried to attack the stadium. Portal Athletes He writes of “hundreds” passing security forces.

A video on Twitter shows a group of fans tearing down fences in the stadium and trying to attack the entrance beyond the folders. There were pictures of people running up and down the stairs in the stadium, followed by the maids.

UEFA confirmed that fans had entered the outer security fences. A Wembley spokesman edited an earlier statement Sunday evening and confirmed that “a small group” had created it indoors without a ticket.

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England star Ferdinand threw a can of beer

Fans without tickets to the game have previously been urged by the Metropolitan Police (EM 2021, final: Italy – England tonight from 9pm on LIVETICKER) to stay away from the entire district via announcements and on Twitter. “Please do not come to Wembley! It’s too crowded there. The stadium is sold out, no tickets yet,” officials said. There are a lot of people in and around the stadium interested in ensuring the safety of all spectators.

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Former England star Rio Ferdinand BBC Active, attacked by a beer can on the way to the stadium. Pictures show Ferdinand being taken away by security forces and hit in the shoulder by a projectile.

Despite the high number of coronas in Great Britain, thousands of fans sang lovingly in Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. “Got Save the Queen” echoed through the streets as firecrackers flew into the sky.

Fans throw bottles at Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus

People all over England have been waiting for the first major football title since the 1966 World Cup victory. Queen Elizabeth also wished the team and its coach Gareth Southgate luck in a personal message.

It was not quiet everywhere. Two hours before the start of the game, police said there were problems with fans at Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. The bottles were thrown. “Be careful, take care of each other,” the Metropolitan Police wrote: “We have seen people jumping from traffic lights or billboards, which can cause injuries.”

The Italian fans were clearly in numbers. 1000 Italians were allowed to enter, mostly in the UK expecting 6000-7000 Diffuse ground. Four-time world champion Italy has been waiting for its second European title since 1968.

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