"It is gratifying to have a woman who knows what she wants in life", Alexander Sverev talks about his girlfriend Sofia Tomalla on Sunday.

“It’s nice to have a woman who knows what she wants in life,” Alexander Sverrev said of his girlfriend Sofia Tomalla on Sunday.Gallery: www.imago-images.de / GEPA Images / Walter Luger

In the ATP match against Serbian Philipp Krajinovic in the Austrian capital, Sofia Tomalla was in the public spot for the first time in the game with her friend Alexander Sverre. The 32-year-old said it was the second match he had followed on the site, but it was the first match he had publicly expressed himself. From Weiner Stadell’s audience standpoint, he cheered with his new partner and found time in between posing for photos with fans.

Sofia Tomalla is excited.

Sofia Tomalla is excited.Image: dpa / [b’Expa’, b’Florian Schroetter’]

Sverev talks about Tomalla

Alexander Sverev, ranked fourth in the world, was outraged about the Erstay Bank Open in an interview with the Austrian.Cronensing“In the highest tone of his girlfriend:

“She’s very understandable. I know what tennis is, what it means to play in this tournament. She’s also a woman who has a lot to do, not always sitting in a hotel.”

“Because it’s public now …”

Just in early October, the presenter made the Hamburg tennis superstar public via Instagram.

However, the relationship of the famous couple is not as new as it is generally considered. “Just because it’s public now, doesn’t mean we haven’t been together for a long time,” Sverev said with a smile.

With an open declaration of love to Sverev Tomalla

Alexander Sverev’s rise continues: On Sunday, the Olympic champion in Vienna had his fifth victory this year against his American rival Francis Diafo – but it was the first victory in the presence of his girlfriend Sofia Tomalla. She sat in the box on Sunday, simply dressed in black, and excited for the match. But she didn’t have to worry too much because Diafo controlled Sverre firmly. Her love too, because Sofia’s heart must beat faster, especially after the game: After the trophy was handed over, Sverev Hall performed a sweet love speech through the microphone.

Tomalla knows when to touchPicture“He writes. She threw a kiss on her girlfriend’s hand. Not surprisingly, she revealed in front of the cameras that she could imagine spending the next ten years on her side. And apparently they both go on longer than expected. Because he agrees:

“She’s a great woman. There’s a reason we’ve been together and chosen each other. We ‘ve only been together for two weeks. It’s been going on for a long time.”

As soon as the match was over in Vienna, the two flew to Paris, where the last Masters will take place this year: “I hope Paris will be a special week too, let’s see where it goes. It is gratifying to have a woman who knows what she wants in life.

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