Houses evacuated, landslides, flooded streets, full cellars – in Upper Bavaria, the fire brigade is still in use after the first heavy rain on Saturday evening. A spokesman for the Integrated Control Center in Transstein said the situation was “dramatic.” Due to the floods, the district of Berchteskadener has declared a disaster.

The Berchteskaten and Bischofsweiss locations in the extreme southeast of Bavaria are particularly affected. There the water gushes from the mountains, while the water level of the Ache River rises. Individual houses have already been removed as the slopes collapse. The district implements this measure immediately. Those in those places were invited not to enter their cellars anymore.

“Emergency calls are always coming in,” a police spokesman in Rosenheim said. In the Perchdeskatner land district, all fire departments are required. “The situation is chaotic,” a spokesman said. “It’s raining heavily.” Federal roads have been flooded or blocked due to landslides.

Bach will become a stream

In Austria, parts of the town of Hall near Salzburg were flooded after heavy rains. A stream has formed into a raging stream, police on Saturday confirmed videos that can be seen on the internet.

“The situation is very tense, sometimes dramatic,” a police spokesman said. However, there is currently no evidence of injuries. Videos show how cars are carried by mass water.

The situation in other parts of the Austrian Alps is tense. The fire brigade had to evacuate numerous cellars around Kids Bay.

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