Götze's grief and Trapp's wish: the highlights of European football in videos

Gotze’s grief and dust’s desire
Highlights of European football in videos

Eintracht Frankfurt can stay strong and save the middle round of the European League. Bayer Leverkusen even switched to nice equipment beforehand – and was punished without consequences. Things are not going well for Mario Gotze either. But for Eindhoven, it’s time to say goodbye.

Eintracht Frankfurt winter in the Europa League – and can hope for confrontations with greats such as Barcelona and Seville. After an impressive combination of driving, Captain Hasebe managed to equalize, but it was enough for Hesse’s team to win the set.

As for the table, it is already clear before Leverkusen appears as a guest in Budapest: Bayer will be the winner of the group, and Ferencvaros last. B04 coach Seoane leaves second grade doing well. However, two hits were refused and then Bayer distributed a gift.

By beating Slavia Prague, Berlin can still reach the knockout stage of the European Conference League. And the god of football shines with Köpnikers: a penalty kick that doesn’t whistle, the Czechs hit Alo only twice. But an outrageously bad pass ruins everything.

For Mario Gotze and his German coach, a draw is actually enough to advance in the European League. But in the rain in San Sebastian, it became very uncomfortable for Eindhoven. Focus twice: Judgment Zuer.

Feyenoord Rotterdam deserves to enter the European Conference League knockout stage in the Union Berlins group and show its title ambitions in the last game. Maccabi Haifa hardly has any chance. Nevertheless, the Israelis managed to score the most beautiful goal of the evening.

The defense of Legia Warsaw saw another wild evening against Spartak Moscow. But the big annoyance comes from VAR’s instructions in injury time. Moscow is in the lead and will be further, Legia gets a penalty. If the victim hits, both teams are ejected instead.

From a sporting point of view, Betis Sevilla’s Europa League visit to Glasgow is insignificant for both teams. The mood is still great. Celtig starts early, but then a little goes a long way. Until the Scottish goalkeeper got bad luck in ping-pong – and the match suddenly took off.

The starting position to win the group is really great for Leicester, a draw is enough. But after just 23 minutes, the English are 0-2 behind Napoli. And as far as the Italians got started, the British kept going.

Winter in European competition is certain for Olympiacos Piraeus before the last day of the match, but a group win is still to come. But in a long-distance duel with Eintracht Frankfurt, the bottom of the pack from Antwerp quickly threw the Greeks across the bill.

Corner landing from the back post, pinball shot across the penalty area – a real danger in the duel between Lazio Roma and Galatasaray by Terim “imperator” arises only by chance. It’s about winning the group for both of them. In this way, the residents of Istanbul achieve exactly what they need.

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