Because they consider it to be the “evil of the century,” a hundred MPs from the majority on Friday launched a “digital raid” against children’s excessive exposure to screens.

These parliamentarians, led by Caroline Janvier (LREM), said at a forum Globalism Posted on the same day.

The language barrier as well as sleep

“One third of children from 0 to 3 years old eat their meals in front of a screen,” which is an obstacle to “acquiring language, memorizing knowledge,” assert in this text co-signed with Representative Virginie Duby Muller, former Minister of Education Benoit Hamon and philosopher Gaspard Koenig.

They noted that screens “also have a detrimental effect on sleep, eating or even the management of emotions,” while between 3 and 10 years, nearly one in four children spend more than three hours a day in front of a screen. and “Social and economic inequality does not exclude our children from this topic: high screen use varies in particular by parental education level, socioeconomic status and maternal age.”

A joint bill with the public

Parliamentarians are calling the joint construction of a bill for “a real preventive policy, education of parents, training of professionals, and regulation of the use of screens in childcare facilities”. The text must be presented at the end of February in the National Assembly – he will not have time to examine it during this five-year period.

These MPs consider special recommendations in pregnancy and health notebooks, or prevention messages on packages of tablets or phones. In November 2018, the right-wing Senate adopted in first reading a similar bill to protect young children from screens. But the government considered the text insufficiently supported at the time.

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