Sofia Tomala: Photos show Loris Karius with another woman

Sophia Tomala
These previous photos show Loris Karius flirting with another woman

Loris Karius and Sophia Tomala

Loris Karius and Sophia Tomala

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Sofia Tomala and Loris Karius broke up after two and a half years of relationship. Now pictures of the goalkeeper appear, in which he is courting another woman.

“There is one thing to say about this: We are separate people! From now on he can do whatever he wants.” With these two sentences, Sofia Tomala, 31, concludes with at least “Bild” in public with her relationship with goalkeeper Loris Karius, 27. The model is known for its quick wit and ruthless nature, so the apparent reaction after the flash crash on Thursday (June 17, 2021) is not surprising. But how Sophia really works, perhaps only those closest to her know.

Loris Karius caught flirting with another woman

The truth is that the love between Sophia and Loris did not necessarily end in a good way, and this can be clearly seen in her statement. And now it is slowly becoming clear why.

“Yesterday, photos of Sophia and I were leaked from my vacation showing me with another woman. Unfortunately, it is true that we have drifted apart for so long. I am sorry that things are falling apart now and I would like to apologize for that,” revealed Loris shortly after the breakup report on social networks. The aforementioned photos, in which a loris turtle is shown with another woman on a yacht in Mykonos, are in the press today and are also available on

Users react to the breakup with humor

But while there’s a lot of talk about “cheating” today, one thing has to be said at this point: It’s not entirely clear if Sophia and Loris went their separate ways before the holiday or whether their Mykonos courtship actually played out. to the end of their love.

Loris Karius and Sophia Tomala

That doesn’t stop some users on social media from mocking a little bit about the breakup and especially about Loris: “Loris Karius is really the worst goalkeeper in Germany. He can’t even hold Sofia Tomala,” wrote model and influencer Marie von den Behnken. Another user also notes: “Loris Karius is probably not a keeper.”

Can Sophia at least laugh a little at these comments?

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