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‘Sing My Song’: Worried about rapper Nora – she has to leave the show early


Vox-Show: Concern about the rapper: Nora should finish ‘Sing my Song’ early

Big concern in the current episode of “Sing my Song”: After a great performance, rapper Nura had to leave Vox early.

Fellow Zoffs, a strip break and an early ending to the show – the penultimate episode of the “Sing My Song” (VOX) season once again showcased its ups and downs. This time it was all about Johannes Ording (39), who took on the role of host now fellow Stephanie Heinsmann (32) – as well as the opening song for which she chose “Ungeschminkt”, a song that was about (self) acceptance in a world of mediums. Social media filled with filters is all about it.

The Swiss woman was accompanied by her best friend Ephraim on the Valais dulcimer ship. He actually worked with Oerding, who got goosebumps behind his ears with joy.

Rapper Nora: At first she was still fine

Then rapper Nora, who opted for the funky piece “Zieh dich aus,” offered a contrast with this quiet opening number. She likes Oerding’s song so much because she “hates talking about it. Don’t talk like that, just take off your clothes.” Gentleman, 46, and Joris, 31, laughed like teenagers, while DJ BoBo let out a dry voice: “Runs here.”

Nora’s hot performance as well, as she took off her comfortable coat to the cheers of her colleagues and then went on to wear a sexy evening dress, went perfectly – you had no idea how powerful it cost. But more on that later.

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After Nura appeared, Gentleman introduced a sunny reggae version of “So Schön”. “Number and statement and gentleman about it, and I swear to you: the world is falling in love!” Johannes Oerding is excited, before taking to the stage and presenting “The Good Times Now”.

He wrote the song with 28-year-old Wincent Weiss, who he became friends with during the 2019 “Sing My Song” season. From the North Sea, the two drove a bully across the country for two weeks to enjoy life.

Outburst in lingerie

The meeting with another co-worker appears to have been less well-rounded, as Oerding revealed on the show. At a young age he appeared frequently in the supporting work of great artists – including Simply Red. One day he and his colleagues arrived at the place, “Then someone on the right side whispered to us.”

‘Like a Dragon’ This red-haired man in underwear – simply red singer Mick Hocknall (60) – acted on him, who thought someone had broken into his wardrobe. However, it was the production desk that got the British star wrong, and so things calmed down again. A few years later, Ording was allowed to give his teammate Bambi, which went well, but that night there was trouble again, with Ording continuing.

“Anyone who knows me knows I like to sit downstairs at the hotel piano and do a little longer.” The receptionist thought he was cool and joined the party, but a hotel guest wasn’t happy and called reception several times to complain – even the hotel clerk pulled the phone plug. The next morning, the shuttle driver told him, according to Ording, how an angry Mick Hocknall scolded him for the sleepless night. He had slept in the room above the hotel piano room, of all places. Ouch!

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Sick Nora leaves the show early

In addition to this past excitement, there was also a very recent one in the latest “Sing my Song” episode: Nura, who hadn’t been seen until then, was clearly not doing well, as Stephanie Heinsmann happily noted. The sick woman was sent to bed to recover, after all, one had to “take care of each other.” This was followed by the performance of DJ BoBo, who interpreted Oerding’s song “Under a Hat” in a very unusual rocking way, Mighty Oaks singer Ian Hooper, who gave off the sad vibes of “If you go”, and Joris, who led everyone on the dance floor with his varied hit of Oerding “An gute Tage”.

Before the celebration could go on without cameras, the show’s emblematic award, the Gitalele, had to be awarded. One of the musicians got it this time not only for the “Evening Song”, but also because it was a “knit element”, “such a sticky teacher”. Everyone smiled on purpose until humble DJ Bobo finally realized that it was intentional. “You leave light and space for so many people around you,” Oerding praised, and thus found a nice last word.

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