Home Top News Simon misdirected: Spain advance to the quarterfinals with a superb goal against Croatia

Simon misdirected: Spain advance to the quarterfinals with a superb goal against Croatia

Simon misdirected: Spain advance to the quarterfinals with a superb goal against Croatia

Spain’s hopes for a fourth European title live on! Coach Luis Enrique has been selected in the 16th round with a 5: 3 (3: 3, 1: 1) lead over runner-up world champions Croatia after extra time and is in the eighth round after a big fight. Spain’s own goal was scored by Petri, in which goalkeeper Unai Simon allowed a back pass to slip, turning the game upside down in the early 20th minute. Before the break Pablo found the right answer for Spain with a goal from Serbia (38th). In the second half, Caesar Asbiliquetta (57th) and Ferran Torres (77th) put Spain ahead. The goal by Mislav Arsik (85th) marked the final attack for Croatia, which was rewarded by Mario Basalik (90th + 2). In overtime Alvaro Morata (100th) and Michael O’Reilly (103rd) finally decided the game in favor of Spain. Despite being knocked out by Croatia early, Spain will face the winner of the match between France and Switzerland in the quarterfinals on Friday (6pm) in St. Petersburg.


Louis Enrique’s selection started with dedication and developed significantly more weight. So the first notable goal area shots belonged to the Spaniards as well. Alvaro Morata fired the first warning to Serbia after doing some initial work, but failed to net outside (13th). Only three turns of the pointer later Kot could not refine a pass from Petrie, instead finding his master in Croatia goalkeeper Dominique Livakovic (16th). Shortly afterwards, the third-highest scorer in a very short time: Ferran Torres crossed the second post, where Morata came free for the title, but was severely blocked by defender Tomakoz Vida (19).

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In Croatia Simon takes the lead with a mistake

An interest came as a surprise, however, as the Croatian, who had previously been vague, was given the starting target. Petrie played the ball to his keeper Simon from a distance of 50 meters and he could not control the ball, which was really easy to stop. The ball slipped on his feet and reached the goal – the ninth own goal in the current European Championship. For Croatia, prize winning is an awakening call. Coach Slotko Talik’s team then acted very boldly. Among other things, Nicola Vlasic had a good chance, but only hit the side net from a tight angle (25th). But Spain recovered quickly – the answer came: after a brief siege of the Croatian penalty area and several blocked shots, the ball bounced off Serbia, who scored to equalize (38th). With much praise for the Croatians 1: 1, it went into the dressing room after the first half of an event.

In the second half, Spain initially appeared in the duels with freshness and caution and the game was largely under control. Ten minutes after the resumption the reward: the Spaniards advanced to the left, Ferran Torres found Caesar Asbiliquetta with his cross, who rose to the top and advanced to 2-1 (57th). The Croatians tried to find their way back into the game, but Spain were mostly consistent. But the vice-world champion came up with a great opportunity. Josco Guardiol closed after a pass from close range from Vlasic, but a brilliant action by keeper Simon blocked the balance (67th).

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Croatia with spectacular final speed

Spain lost the third consecutive goal to make the preliminary decision. Morata was once close, but his goal was rightly withdrawn due to a previous offside position (73rd). Croatia are currently lingering in the game and continue to be dangerous. Then Spain closed again. After Pav Torres’ long free kick, Ferran Torres had the best result in a fight with Guardiola, and won Livovic with a deliberately low shot (77th). The Croatians, however, did not give up. After a major upheaval in the Spanish penalty area, Arsenic’s goal created tension in the final stages (85th). At the stop, Basalik saved the Croatians with a title in overtime (90 + 2).

Croatia was initially over there. Goalscorer Arsic scored just above the edge of the penalty area (92.). After that, Andrzej Gromaric lost the lead from close range when he failed because Simon (96th) responded strongly once. The declining strength of both teams is now noticeable, with an open game being created – with the next highlight for the Spaniards. Josip Brecolo misjudged a cross from Olmo and Morata converted the error to 4: 3 (100th) with a powerful finish. Two minutes later, Oyersapal followed suit (103rd). Shortly before the final whistle (119th) Olmo failed to take office again. Coach Enrique’s team could not take it this time, but after an emotional performance they are in the EM quarterfinals. Interest: There were only one more goal in a European Championship match – 5: 4 between Yugoslavia and France in the 1960 European Championship.


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