Home Top News Show Altaïr will finish fourth at the start of the World Cup Final

Show Altaïr will finish fourth at the start of the World Cup Final

Show Altaïr will finish fourth at the start of the World Cup Final

Leipzig David Weil didn’t bother losing a horseshoe to his horse. The 34-year-old started from Marburg late in the World Cup finals in Leipzig and made an excellent start as Germany’s top jumper.

He’ll stay clear with his C Vier testicle in the first three partial tests and finish fourth. “My horse has done an amazing job,” Will said after his brisk ride. “He didn’t lose focus.” Losing the iron and putting it back together before the opening round “was a distraction, but in the end it didn’t bother focus.”

“It’s a good starting point,” Will said. “Why isn’t that enough for a higher position in the end?” Martin Fuchs of Switzerland in the lead with Chaplin before Max Konner of Starnberg, who started from Austria, with Electric Blue.

The most prominent and experienced German rider in Leipzig is Marcus Ening, who was unable to field his best horse Stargold due to a minor injury and ended up 11th with his mare Calanda. “I’ve been through a bit,” Bourkin, 47, commented. “It wasn’t the perfect line,” said the World Cup winner in 2003, 2006 and 2010.

Despite the knockout, Gerrit Nyberg was the second-best player of the host quartet. The 28-year-old from Sendenhorst finished sixth with an opponent Ben. “A silly mistake,” father and coach Lars Nyberg commented with a smile. However, the former world-class rider praised his son’s “controlled attack”, who himself said: “It’s a shame, but I am generally satisfied.”

It was similar to Philip Schultz Topfov, who, like Gerrit Nyberg, captained his first World Cup final in Leipzig and received a relegation. “Very annoying,” said the 23-year-old from Huvexbeck, who finished 10th with his Concordes. He found the result “acceptable”.

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Riesenbeck’s Christian Kucock remained flawless, but rode Checker very slowly to get first and only finished 17th after the first round. Other special tests include a jump-with-jump on Friday (2:00 p.m.) and two runs on Sunday (2:45 p.m.).).

Unlike other sports, the winners of the World Cup in equestrian sports were not determined until the last event of the season. Everyone in Leipzig started from scratch. Previous World Cup tournaments only served to qualify for Leipzig.


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