Home Top News Sarah Engels: Mega Romantic: It was given by her husband Julian

Sarah Engels: Mega Romantic: It was given by her husband Julian

Sarah Engels: Mega Romantic: It was given by her husband Julian

Your family happiness seems perfect! Sarah Engels (29) shares her son Alessio (6) with former DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi (29). The singer is now happily married to her dream man Julian (29). Since December 2, the two have also been the proud parents of their daughter Solia Liana.

The little baby almost sounds like a sweet Christmas present! Click on the video above and watch the beautiful snapshot of Sarah and Julianne’s little daughter.

Sarah Engels shares magical insights into her daily life every day on her Instagram account. Shortly after Solia was born, he gave his small family pride and joy. Now 29 years old she has revealed which love gift she received from her husband.

True success: Sarah Engels is thrilled with Julian’s gift

In her Instagram story, the musician said Tuesday (December 28th): “I got a nice Christmas present from my husband this year. A book full of challenges. You know, we want to face challenges.” Sarah Engels added what the challenges are: “We have to complete three to four challenges a week. It’s a good idea! When they are done, they are selected.” Its full point? Sarah explained, “This is done so that we do not forget to spend time together. Very awesome!”

Sarah Engels: She has to face these challenges with Julian

Julian himself affectionately called the book “otherwise-we-will-not-love-each other-book.” He wrote about what lies behind it: “A book full of challenges that will make our love even more exciting.” The 29-year-old dedicated the words to his dream girl: “You are my life, my best friend, my heart. I look forward to every moment with you.” What are some challenges? 30 minute walk without smartphones, more shared baths and massages.

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