Shortly after the birth of his son: Jason Derulo declares his love

Shortly after the birth of his son
Jason Derulo declares love

Jason Derulo and Gina Fromes have been a couple for about a year and a half. In the short time they will become parents to a son who will be born in May. But now it’s all over again between the singer and his girlfriend.

Her son isn’t even six months old yet, and yet their relationship is just a mess: Jason Derulo and his girlfriend Gina Froms broke up. This musician announced on Twitter.

“Gina and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Derulo wrote in his statement. She is a wonderful mother, but only the separation will produce the “best versions” of them, and only then can they be the “best parents”. The 32-year-old continues that he is now asking for their privacy to be respected.

The couple’s son was born on May 8. At the time, Derulo was still cheering on his Instagram page: “The happiest day of my life, when I brought our little boy (Jason King Derulo) home. He is so lucky to have a heroine as strong and caring as a mother, Gina.”

Met at the gym

During pregnancy, the singer spoke to his followers several times about his impending paternity. Keep posting photos that show him loving Frumes along the beach or kissing her baby bump.

In 2020, Derulo announced in an interview that he met Frumes at a fitness studio shortly before the coronavirus pandemic and that the two became a couple soon after. In December he spoke publicly for the first time about his desire to have children. At the time, his girlfriend was already pregnant, but the two shared this with the public only in March 2021.

Derulo made a musical breakthrough in 2009. Last year he took first place in the world with the movie “Savage Love”. A distinctive feature of the singer is that he always sings his name at the beginning of the song.

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