Short-time work extension for Volkswagen in Wolfsburg - only allowed to work

Wolfsburg. and continues with Volkswagen In Wolfsburg? Unfortunately no. Short-time work is again a duty for employees.

According to “Braunschweiger Zeitung” reports, the group announced that in the week of August 30 to September 3 in Volkswagen Less work is done.

Only the morning shift happens. Then it is the second week after leaving the factory where there are only a few people working.


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The Business Council and the company reached an agreement on Tuesday. Only employees in the early shift should line up. Short-time work applies to everyone else.

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Due to short time working at VW according to “Braunschweiger Zeitung” Semiconductor supply from Malaysia, which is currently closed. (NS)

Good news at VW too

But there is also some good news at Volkswagen. According to a study, the group performs better than Tesla on some points. Elon Musk sure has wide eyes. More on this >>> here.

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