Long ago, sunflower oil abdicated the throne to olive oil, rapeseed oil and the like. Due to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, they are only partially healthy. It can build up in the arteries and gradually block them.

However, sunflower oil is found in most kitchen cupboards and is used regularly in cooking. In this case, you should make sure that you get high-quality sunflower oil.

“environmental test” It tested a total of 21 oils, including nine refined products and twelve cold pressed products. Both in vitro testing and taste testing by sensory experts showed that only sunflower oil could achieve the “Very Good” rating. Nine other oils were rated as “good.” Six products are still “satisfactory”. It looks bad at the bottom of the test: a total of four oils got a “poor” result, and one drugstore product failed completely – the verdict was “unsatisfactory.”

Sunflower oils can mask

the Test winner Among the sunflower oils, cold pressed oil Bio Planet Classic Original Sunflower Oil. The oil achieved a “Very Good” rating in all categories. The laboratory finds traces of mineral oil and PAH components here, but only in trace amounts. In the overall ranking, Bio Planète oil is the only oil that has received the “Very Good” rating and therefore takes first place. for You will pay about 4.50 euros for 500 milliliters.

the second place It secures a much cheaper oil. Alnatura Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil is available in a 500ml bottle About 1.80 EUR. The traces of mineral oil components are a little higher here, but the oil scores “good” in the overall rating.

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also supermarket product Can position itself at the top: this The original organic sunflower oil costs 1.90 € Per 500ml and degrees not only with good taste experience but also with good ingredients. Although the lab measures a slight increase in mineral oil values ​​here as well, there was not a single oil in the test as no traces of mineral oil components were found.

Only organic sunflower oil is “not enough”

In some of the sunflower oils tested, the laboratory found not only traces but “significantly increased” the values ​​of the carcinogens and components of mineral oils. So the following performance is only “poor”:

  • Cold pressed sunflower oil dinery
    (Ingredients: “lousy”, taste: “very good”)
  • Good Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil Aldi south
    (Ingredients: “enough”, taste: “enough”)
  • pure sunflower oil from Benny
    (Ingredients: “lousy”, taste: “good”)
  • pure sunflower oil from garlic from Nestle
    (Ingredients: “lousy”, taste: “very good”)

One of the tested products even got only “unsatisfactory” results: from cold-pressed organic sunflower oil by d m You should stay away from her. Not only do the testers rate the taste as “adequate” and describe it as “slightly chemical,” the tester can confirm this assessment. Not only are mineral oil components increased here, experts also find an alternative mold toxin monomethyl ether in the oil. There is no legal limit to this yet, but cell studies show that the toxin damages genetic makeup.

You can read more test results as well as information and advice about sunflower oil for a fee in Öko-Test.

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