Frank Zander must move out of his apartment after 54 years

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Frank Zander must move out of his apartment after 54 years

Frank Zander has to get out of his apartment (archive photo).

Photo: Pennsylvania

Pop star Frank Zander is supposed to move out of his Charlottenburg apartment. But he does not accept the ruling and wants to appeal

Berlin. Frank Zander is supposed to leave his Berlin apartment Charlottenburg after 54 years. The homeowner gave the pop singer (“Here comes Kurt,” “I’ll drink to your health, Mary”) the apartment on Witzlebenstrasse. that reports BZ.

Accordingly, the 79-year-old has to leave his apartment at the end of October. The homeowner won an eviction lawsuit in first instance in Charlottenburg County Court, the newspaper reported. However, the ruling is not yet final.

Zander wants action against the ruling: “I’ve lived here with my wife for 54 years. I don’t want to lose my house,” he told BZ newspaper. In addition, the musician is demanding payment of the overpaid rent.

Roof collapsed: Frank Zander quarrels with the owner

According to BZ, the hit star has been at odds with the owner for years. The noise ignited the partially collapsed apartment ceiling. The dispute escalated and the singer was later terminated without warning.

Zander stayed in the apartment on the fourth floor of the old building and took action against the termination notice. Then the owner responded with an eviction claim. But so far, Zander does not want to surrender, but instead wants to defend himself against eviction. He declared: “I am appealing!”

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