School medical education increases readiness for HPV vaccination

School medical education increases readiness for HPV vaccination

New Isenburg. How can the incentive for HPV vaccination be increased in children and adolescents, especially in their parents? The Medical Association for Health Promotion (ÄGGF) researched curricula in four projects implemented in schools between 2017 and 2021. In the The current epidemiological bulletin From the Robert Koch Institute, the results are summarized.

Above all, medical information displays in the school setting made an “essential” contribution to education about HPV and HPV vaccination, writes in the abstract ÄGGF. Motivation to vaccinate can be greatly increased if clinicians provide information at school events. The credibility of doctors helps transmit knowledge and refute incorrect knowledge. However, such an approach requires a lot of voluntary commitment. Ongoing funding from prevention projects is also needed.

To evaluate HPV projects, ÄGGF conducted 8000 events with approximately 270,000 participants. It is aimed at students, parents and teachers. In the events, the level of knowledge and the increase in knowledge of the target groups was measured as well as the acceptance of the MIC method. (Toxic)


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