Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin rocket fails for the first time

Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin rocket fails for the first time

As of: 12/09/2022 8:57 PM

For the first time, a rocket from Jeff Bezos’ space company derailed – a minute after launch. After a few minutes, the capsule floated on the ground on a parachute. There were no people on board.

The space company, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, suffered a rocket launch failure for the first time. The space company’s Blue Origin rocket blasted off one minute after launch over West Texas.

The capsule’s launch thwarting system was deployed immediately and separated from the missile. They said the system was working as intended. There were no people on board, only science experiments.

An error occurred at an altitude of 8500 metres

A few minutes later, the capsule floated on land on a parachute in a remote desert area. When the capsule detached from the rocket, the Blue Origin’s launch suspension broke off. An apparent anomaly was later reported.

The failure occurred when the missile flew at a speed of about 1,100 kilometers per hour at an altitude of about 8,500 meters. After that there were no pictures of the missile, only the capsule. The missile usually lands in the desert and is reused for other flights. Obviously, this did not happen this time.

It was the 23rd flight of the New Shepard program, named after the first American astronaut in space Alan Shepard. The same type of rocket and capsule have also been used on 10-minute flights with fare-paying passengers to the edge of space, most recently in August.


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